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Charlene was found in Camrose but she was last seen in Edmonton and I wanted to put her here with the other women from Edmonton.

Charlene Gauld
Age: 20
COD: /Badly burned
Date found: April 16, 2005
Location found: Camrose, AB
Date last seen:
Location last seen: Edmonton, AB

Charlene Gauld - April 16, 2005 ? Age 20 ? Murdered ? STW - RCMP in Alberta identify the body of Charlene Gauld, 20, who burned remains were found near Camrose near an oil well site.
Snippet? sorry no link
The latest victim, Ellie May Meyer, 33, was the second Edmonton prostitute to turn up dead in less than three weeks. On April 16, an oil field worker stumbled upon the burned body of Charlene Gauld, 20, near an oil well about 60 km southeast of Edmonton. Both women were well-known to police and had, in fact, registered with Project Kare, an Alberta-wide, RCMP-led task force which is currently investigating 41 deaths and 31 disappearances of people engaged in "high risk" lifestyles such as prostitution and drug use. Founded in October 2003, Project Kare followed on the heels of the alarming case of Robert Pickton, the British Columbia pig farmer now facing 15 murder charges related to the disappearance of 69 women from Vancouver's seedy Downtown Eastside. "It was decided," says Cpl. Wayne Oakes, an Edmonton-based spokesman for the RCMP, "that we had to take a look at what's happening in our own backyard."

Project Kare is an unusual police operation. In addition to chasing down tips and leads on the outstanding cases, one of which dates back to the 1930s, the 43-member task force spends a lot of time building trust and contacts on the street. Officers encourage prostitutes and others to provide them with detailed information, including names, birth dates, friends and family contacts, identifying marks, as well as strands of hair for DNA samples. To date, over 90 per cent of those approached have complied. In the event of foul play, this provides investigators leads they otherwise wouldn't have, given the victims' transient lifestyle. It's done little, though, to stop the mounting death toll.

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Re: Charlene Gauld - April 16, 2005 ? Age 20 ? Murdered - Edmonton - KARE
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Great idea, adding the photos was very thoughtful.