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Chantall Marie Venne
Age: 21
COD: Strangled/Torchured
Date found: February 25, 1986
Location found: Esquimalt, BC
Date last seen: February 25, 1986
Location last seen: Esquimalt, BC

Chantal Marie Venne - February 25, 1986 - Age 21 - Murdered - Esquimalt - STW -  Chantal Marie Venne, 21, in Esquimalt, BC, was found strangled with the belt of her coat and her hands bound. The former Mt. Pleasant prostitute was tortured, sexually assaulted and her partly clad body dumped  in an industrial area a the side of Devonshire Road February 25, 1986. ``There is a possibility that the person who committed Venne's murder committed others,'' said Esquimalt deputy police chief Grant Smith.
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Just some quick facts:

Chantal Marie Venne was discovered naked from the waist up at roughly 7:30 am on Tuesday, February 25, 1986. She had been strangled.

She was located by the side of the road in the 800 block of Devonshire. The area at the time was a mix of warehouses and homes.

She spent part of Monday night in the area of Broughton and Goverment streets. Her last reported sighting was at 1:13 am Tuesday in a cab with a black male at the corner of Wharf and Fort.

Police were not able to (at the time of her body's discovery) locate her top clothing.

Her clothing description on Monday night were as follows:

black spike-heeled boots
red leg-warmers
faded jeans
pink sweater
three-quarter-length plum coloured coat with black piping and matching derby-type hat with black band and black gloves
She may also have been in posession of a red umbrella

At the time of her murder, she was of no fixed address and had only lived in Victoria for a period of 3-4 weeks maximum. She was previously from Vancouver.


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Re: Chantall Marie Venne - February 25, 1986 - Age 21 - Murdered - Esquimalt
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Just curious as to whether or not the police really looked into the black male,as a suspect, she was last seen with. I am assuming it was her pimp. Anyone have any info?