Author Topic: Cheri Lynn Smith | June 4, 1990 | Age 18 | Murdered | Victoria  (Read 9409 times)


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Cheri Lynn Smith | June 4, 1990 | Age 18 | Murdered | Victoria
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Cheri Lynn Smith
Age: 18
COD: Badly beaten
Date found: September 9, 1990
Location found: Saanich, BC
Date last seen: June 4, 1990
Location last seen: Victoria, BC

Cheri Lynn Smith -  June 4, 1990 - Age 18 - Murdered - STW - Cheri's partially decomposed body was found Sept. 9, 1990 in underbrush near Munns Road in Saanich. Cheri had been a peer counsellor and a B-plus student in Victoria until she met her teenage boyfriend who later became her pimp. She disappeared in June 1990. Her badly decomposed body was found dumped in underbrush near Munns Road in a Saanich Regional Park. She was beaten to death. Police believe her murder is linked to the murders of three other sex-trade workers.
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Re: Cheri Lynn Smith - June 4, 1990 ? Age 18 ? Murdered ? Victoria
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Cheri Lynn Smith Murder from the Saanich Police web site.

On September 9th, 1990 the badly decomposed remains of Cheri Lynn SMITH were found in a rural bush area of Thomas S. Francis Regional Park, near the 1800 block of Munns Road in Saanich, British Columbia.

Cheri had been working in the Government Street area of Victoria as a sex trade worker. She was last seen in the 500 block of Yates Street in Victoria at about 1:30 am on Monday June 4th, 1990.

Cheri had left Regina, Saskatchewan in early April 1990 with her boyfriend and another couple. The foursome arrived in Victoria in early May 1990.

Cheri was pregnant at the time of her murder.

Saanich Police FIle 90-21819 refers.