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Nancy Greek ? August 23, 1991 ? Age 25 ? Missing ? Victoria
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Nancy Greek
Age: 25
Date last seen: August 23, 1991
Location last seen: Victoria, BC?

Nancy Greek ? August 23, 1991 ? Age 25 ? Missing ? STW ? Victoria ? aka Nancy Clark - Nancy was last seen at about midnight on Aug. 22, 1991 in Victoria at the corner of Broughton and Gordon streets in Victoria. What remains puzzling is why Greater Victoria had a cluster of four prostitute murders in the early 1990s. Smith, Gallup and Nicholson were killed in a 13-month period. Greek disappeared a few weeks later. Are their murders somehow linked?
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Re: Nancy Greek ? August 23, 1991 ? Age 25 ? Missing ? Victoria
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This woman had children who loved her. :'(

Pickton case spreads to Vancouver Island
Oct, 11 2006 - 12:20 AM

PICKTON TRIAL/CKNW(AM980) - Global TV has reported that police are expanding their probe into the case of missing women from the Vancouver area.
They quoted an anonymous police source in saying investigators are taking a closer look at 17 new cases of women who have disappeared from Vancouver Island since the 1980s.The murders of seven Victoria sex-trade workers since 1986 also remain unsolved. The bodies of all the women have been found except for that of 25-year-old Nancy Ann Greek. Pig farmer Robert Pickton of Coquitlam has been charged with murdering 26 women from Vancouver's downtown eastside. He is scheduled to face the first of two possible trials in January, with the initial case involving six of the murders.

RCMP identify woman's DNA found on Pickton farm
Last Updated: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 | 3:43 PM ET
CBC News
DNA evidence found on the Pickton farm in Port Coquiltlam has been linked to a woman from Victoria last seen alive in 1991, say the RCMP.Spokesman Corp. Pierre Lemaitre says police notified the family of Nancy Clark, who also went by the name Nancy Greek, about the positive identification on Tuesday.


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Re: Nancy Greek ? August 23, 1991 ? Age 25 ? Missing ? Victoria
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"The scattering of DNA across Mission and Port Coquitlam lead me to firmly believe there will be additional charges against people who have had connection with the farm although they may not be charged with more than one from the farm. Perhaps they will be charged with Tammy Pipe, Tracy Olajide and Victoria Younker"

My thoughts exactly Desespere-right on the mark.  :)


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Re: Nancy Greek ? August 23, 1991 ? Age 25 ? Missing ? Victoria
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Nancy Ann Greek
AKA Nancy Ann Clark

Date/Location of Disappearance:
August 22, 1991 - Victoria, British Columbia

Age at Time of Disappearance:
25 years old

Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance:
white female, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'4" (162 1/2 cm), 240 lbs. (108 kilograms).
Another report has put Nancy at 320 lbs.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
1. Birds and flowers on left chest.
2. Lilies, leaves and butterfly on left wrist.
3. Eye with lashes on right shoulder
4. Unicorn on left shoulder
5. curly Q on left hand (palm)
6. curly Q on right hand

Clothing Description:
white tube top, black satin jacket, off-white harem pants, black high-heeled shoes and carrying a grey purse.


Circumstances of Disappearance:
Nancy Clark was a sex trade worker in the city of Victoria. She was last seen around Midnight Wednesday of August the 21st on the corner of Broughton and Gordon streets. When she did not return home the following day to her two daughters ages eight years and eight months, she was reported missing.

Clark was the fourth sex trade worker to have disappeared in over a year. The previous three of Cheri Lynn Smith (18), Kimberly Gallup (17) and Melissa Nicholson (17) were found murdered at different locations. Nicholson who had vanished just 2 months prior to Clark, was working the Gordon and Courtney streets corner nearby.

Clark is known to have relatives in both British Columbia and Alberta.


Greater Victoria Crimestoppers
1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

Victoria City Police Department
(250) 995-7654


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Re: Nancy Greek ? August 23, 1991 ? Age 25 ? Missing ? Victoria
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Source: The Times-Colonist - (Victoria, British Columbia)

Latest prostitute disappearnce 'not linked' to teenager's death

Tuesday August 27, 1991

Victoria police are not linking the disappearance last week of a prostitute with the murder of another one two months ago - even though both disappeared from the same downtown corner.

Det. Sgt. Rick Mitchell of the Victoria Police Department said Monday that the disappearance last Thursday of 25-year-old Nancy Ann Clarke, also known as Nancy Ann Greek, is being treated "as a straight missing person".

Clarke, who has daughters aged eight years and eight months, went missing from the intersection of Gordon and Courtney streets, the same corner where Melissa Nicholson, 17, was last seen.

Nicholson's nude body was discovered a few days later on Stebbings Road just off the Malahat portion of the Trans-Canada Highway near Shawnigan Lake.

Mitchell said Clarke was last seen at the corner about midnight Wednesday.

Source: The Times-Colonist - (Victoria, British Columbia)

Mom still hoping daughter is alive

Thursday August 29, 1991

By King Lee (Times-Colonist staff)

The mother of a missing 25-year-old Victoria woman isn't giving up hope, but she's making plans to protect her daughter's two children.

Kathryn Derksen, 49, is applying in Family Court today for custody of Nancy Ann Clark's daughters, eight-year-old Amber and eight-month-old Destiny.

"But we still have hope," said Derksen, who is staying in her daughter's basement suite while awaiting word from Victoria police about her missing daughter.

But Clark's brother says he is not optimistic his sister will be found alive.

"I definitely think she's dead somewhere." Doug Greek said. He believes a Victoria-area killer who preys on prostitutes is responsible for the disappearance of his younger sister.

Clark also known as Greek, is the fourth Victoria prostitute to disappear in the past year. Three have been found slain.

Clark, 25, went missing last Thursday from the corner of Gordon and Courtney streets.

Derksen said she did not know her daughter was a prostitute until last Friday, when one of Clark's friends told her.

"When I found out, I nearly had a heart attack," said Derksen.

Derksen described her daughter as "always happy, always smiling."

She said Clark quit school at the age of 14, left home at 15 because she "didn't want to obey orders" and became pregnant with Amber at 16.

When Amber was eight months old, Derksen said her daughter couldn't handle the situation and asked her to look after the girl, which Derksen did until Amber was four years old.

Clark took her daughter back, but after four months sent her to her sister in Edmonton. Eventually Clark went to Edmonton and returned with her daughter.

Derksen said Amber misses her mother and has said, "I wish my mom would (   ) home. I just wish my (   ) would come home."

"I (   ) (  ) cry." said Derksen. "I can't let the children see me [cry]."

Editor's Note:
The (   ) brackets are because the print was hard to read on the original microfilm. My apologies.