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Alberta Williams ? Aug. 26, 1989 - 24 - Murdered - Prince Rupert - HOT Probe

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Alberta Williams ? August 26, 1989 - Age 24 - Murdered - HWY 16 -  last seen 19890826 at Popeye?s Pub (now Rupert Pub) in Prince Rupert and maybe a house party after. Her body was found September 17, 1989 37 kilometres east of Prince Rupert on Highway 16 near the Tyee Overpass. Highway of Tears Victim. Her cause of death has not been released.

Alberta Williams is one of 18 women and girls on the Highway of Tears Probe. RCMP recently announced an addition of 9 names. Those names can be found at this link:


for some reason, I assumed "guests" couldn't post.  I remember when I first joined, I was a "newbi" first.... then a member.  If you click on a guest, they have no profile.... ????


--- Quote from: illhelpyou on January 04, 2009, 12:13:50 AM ---who posted that last comment???
tell me your name
how do you know she was
just minding her own business??

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That user quit the site a long time ago.

Are you familiar with this case?

kindheart; I'm sure you were making a point.... don't mind me if I missed it!... just explain what you meant by she was only minding her own business.

mercys mama:
I JUST finished listening to all the episodes they have posted so far...As soon as I finished I jumped right on here to see what I do was available.  It's a pretty interesting case but like to many when years pass it just gets harder and harder :( I'm praying for Roberta's family, that they can have peace and answers, looking forward to all the episodes.


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