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Monica Ignas went missing some years prior to this December 13, 1974. Speculations are that she may have been one of the first victims. She was also a high school student who sometimes hitched a ride to and from school. Living with her family in Thornhill, just outside of Terrace promoted this activity for some of the young students who may have practiced extra-curricular activities in school or in town, which would involve missing a school bus.

Monica Ignas, 15, of Thornhill, just west of Terrace, went missing Dec. 13, 1974. Her partially nude body was found in a gravel pit on April 6, 1975, about six kilometres from Terrace. She had been strangled.

One area resident, Janet Hultkrans, recalls that Ignas used to hitchhike from Terrace to her home just past Thornhill, on the outskirts of town.

"Maybe she was the first [to disappear]," she says. "She wasn't much older than my kids and I had picked her up once and driven her to school, so she is forever in my memory. She was a nice girl and doesn't deserve to be forgotten."

Some sites seem to list Monica as missing? Monica's name has recently been added to the Highway of Tears probe, doubling the original number of 9 names to 18 names.
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