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Gale Weys - Oct 19, 1973 - Age 19 - Murdered - Clearwater - HOT Probe

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Generally acknowledged as the first "Highway" victim, 19-year-old Gale Weys was thumbing her way home to Kamloops, from a job in Clearwater, when she met her killer on October 19, 1973. Her naked, decomposing corpse was found a few miles south of Clearwater, on April 6, 1974.


Gale Weys' name has recently been added to the Highway of Tears probe, bringing the number of victims involved in that investigation to 18.


Are the Transcanada Killer and the Highway of Tears killer the same?

debbie c:
I lived in Blackpool,B.C. just outside of Clearwater (about 7 miles) at the time of Gale Weys dissapearance. She worked at the gas station just outside of Clearwater at the time.I believe that she was actually from Kamloops originally and was living and working in Clearwater. The weekend that she went missing she had tried to hitchhike into Kamloops (about 76 miles).We lived along what was the main  highway at the time  and I remember seeing her get into a vehicle just outside my gate.  I  have always wondered if that was the last ride she ever took as I didn't remember the exact day I had seen her,but knew it was very close to when I heard she was missing. She hitchhiked a lot, as did a lot of people in that era.It was a number of months before her body was found only about a half mile from my house.It is something that has stayed in my mind all these years as I remember my horror as I heard about the way she had been found.I just recently learned that she has been  added to the victims of the highway of tears. This really does not surprise me as I knew at the time that they thought we could have a serial killer working in B.C.due to other killings along main highways throughout B.C. and into AB.

Wow, you saw her get in a car? Did the police ever talk to you?

There is also some simular cases in ALberta of young women getting in cars and ending up dead. I too think there was a killer wondering around that time.

Does anyone know anything more about this case?

She was last seen in 1973 that is soooo sad, :'( Dose anyone remember the day when the cops FINLLY said they may have an SK on there hands.

debbie c:
I just finished reading about West and Moir in one of the postings and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.In my post I recounted how I had seen Gale Weys   get into a vehicle either on or near the day of her dissapearance.I had never mentioned in my post  that the vehicle was a semi truck, but it was indeed a semi. If you think about all the other victims of the highway of tears nothing makes more sense does it?Someone who has total access to all the highways and has a reason to be on them most of the time.Other than truck drivers, who would be out there that much unless they spent all their time just driving the roads? I had already calculated wether I thought the driver would now be too old to have commited all the crimes,even the ones as far back as Gale's.I had come to the conclusion that even if he was in his twenties at the time it is still very possible that he could  be driving truck.


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