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Susan GOURLEY - Missing (August 31, 2002)


On August 31, 2002, 39 year old Susan Gourley was reported missing by members of her family. Susan was known to police for prostitution offences and drug offences. A friend in the area of Barton and Stirton Ave, last saw her, in early November of 2001.

Please forward all inquiries and information regarding this case to:

Hamilton Police
Major Crime Division
Sgt Paul Dempsey

The "Missed Lives Project" is a really important initiative. Let's hope there will be some answers -- and justice -- for the missing and murdered women in Hamilton through its work. It would be fantastic if Susan Gourley could be found alive and well and living an amazing new life; if that happy outcome is not possible, as many of us fear, then laid to rest in peace and dignity.

Any thoughts to this possible match. 

There was a skeleton of a woman found in November 2002 in Cobourg, ON that police believe had been there since the Fall of 2001.  This lines up when Susan was last seen.  The only identifying markers on the skeleton is that the teeth were in poor condition and deteriorated the previous couple years.

Very interesting, AllApologies! I would definitely call it in to Hamilton LE. One would hope this has already been explored, but LE is at the very least under-resourced and so it's probably definitely worth checking/reporting. IF this was a match, how sad the news  -- and yet closure is necessary too. It's always better to report than not!  And I think, to my inexpert eye, this is as good a possibility as any -- it seems like a VERY promising potential lead (if also equally potentially devastating, since, I'm sure, many of us hold out hope for better outcomes in missing cases).
I hope your work can bring some answers, even if, again, I hope for a different outcome for Susan. Not realistic on my part, but still one can hope.
Great work!
Let us know how it turns out.

Susan is sadly still a Missing Persons case in Hamilton, as noted in a recent Hamilton Spectator article.


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