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Status: Missing - Suspicious

Name: Jack NUTTER
Age: 76 YO (65 YO at time of dissapearance)
Area of Disappearance: Dieppe, NB
Location Last Seen: UNKNOWN/NOT LISTED
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Additional Information:
The RCMP New Brunswick Major Crime Unit is seeking the public's help with an ongoing missing person investigation.

In April 2009, the family of Jack Nutter of Dieppe reported him missing. He had limited contact with his family and the last time they had heard from him was in July 2007.

Police consider the disappearance of Jack Nutter suspicious as he was no longer attending routine appointments or attending a rental property he owned on Université Avenue in Moncton. Police have been actively following leads over the years to locate Mr. Nutter. At this point of the investigation, it is hoped someone may have information to assist police in locating him.

Jack Nutter was 65 years old in 2007. He had a thin build, weighed approximately 145 pounds (66 kg) and was approximately 5'7" (173 cm) tall. He has brown eyes and gray hair. He would now be 76 years old.

Police Contact Number:
Police are asking anyone that may have known Jack Nutter, either personally or through business, and may have information on his whereabouts to contact them at 506-851-7281. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please contact Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or by Secure Web Tips at



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Re: NUTTER, Jack - 65YO - July 2007-April 2009 - Dieppe, NB - Missing/Supicious
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Statement from the Family:


This is a statement the RCMP has been asked to share on behalf of the daughter and son of Jack Nutter. Mr. Nutter has been missing since 2007. Further information is available here - Police seek information on a 2007 missing person investigation

For more than ten years, our dad has been missing. The passing of time doesn't help the way we feel in regards to not knowing where our dad is. This time of year is even more difficult as it was the summertime when he was last seen. Some of our fondest memories of him was from the summertime. Our dad would often take our family on outings where we would have picnics, often near a river, so dad could sneak in a chance to fish which he loved to do.

Despite what some people might have you believe, it doesn't get any easier as each day passes. The not knowing what happened to him; where was he when he disappeared, who was he with, where is he now? These are all questions we ask every day. It is hard to put into words what we're feeling as there is so much emotion but we wouldn't want anyone to go through this.

You're always wondering when you see a familiar face, drive by his address, or a memory of him pops in your head, what could have possibly happened to him as he was a homebody. For him to disappear is completely out of character.

We know time has passed but someone knows what happened to our dad. We're pleading with anyone who knows anything in regards to dad at the time of his disappearance to come forward. What you think is insignificant could be a piece to the if you saw him at that time, we would be so grateful if you called the police or Crime Stoppers.

This is our statement, and at this time we are asking the media to respect our privacy. We have provided the RCMP with additional photos of our dad to share with the public and media in the hopes it will help jog someone's memory.

Thank you to everyone for sharing this so that the person or people who know something may see it and help us find our dad.

Kathy Nutter and Jimmy Nutter

Daughter and son of Jack Nutter
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