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Unsolved Murders in Indianna
« on: September 23, 2007, 09:08:32 AM »
Paula Ann Stewart, age 15, had been missing since June 28, 1980 and was recently found in an unmarked grave 16 miles from her home. Hobart is about an hour drive from Chicago, IL

Paula's skeletal remains were discovered about six months after she went missing but was not identified and buried a Jane Doe in 1984. She remained there for 27 years. I do not understand how this this teen's remains could have been unidentified. They say cause of death is not deteminable, so it is hard to know if she was murdered. However, police were treating her disappearance as a homicide from day one. If her remains were unidentified for 27 years does that mean there was no identifiable clothing, jewellry or other items on the body when found? If only 16 miles from her home I would think in 1980 the news of an unidentified body would travel to the family. It's bizarre to me. I hope this case is given the efforts it deserves, even if COD is not identifiable.

Please visit - this is Chris' US site and I will likely post all future US unsolved cases there. I want to mention that many unsolved US cases could be linked to unsolved cases in Canada so I always look for cases near the US/Canada border to see if there are any similarities. Because this case is only four hours to Detroit and the Ontario border, it is close enough to warrant inclusion.,2933,293213,00.html

Indiana Girl's Body Missing Since 1980 Found in Unmarked Grave

CROWN POINT, Ind. ? A body buried in an unmarked grave has been identified through DNA evidence as that of a 15-year-old Hobart girl who vanished in 1980, police said.

Detectives were investigating the death of Paula Ann Stewart as a homicide, said Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez.

"We have suspects but need the public's assistance," Dominguez said Monday.

The Lake County coroner's office declined to discuss the cause of her death.

The body was buried in a cemetery operated by the Ross Township trustee's office in Merrillville, Domiguez said. Trustee John Rooda said the skeletal remains were discovered by police almost six months after Stewart's reported disappearance in June 1980. Authorities delayed burying the body until 1984 as investigators worked to identify the remains, police said.

The case was reopened in late 2006 after Stewart's sister contacted Hobart police asking about the investigation.


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Re: Unsolved Murders in Indianna
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I guess back in those day, even though the body was one state over, they did not have the ability to communicate that info. I read about AL Capone and how he would have his gang dump bodies in other counties and states to confuse the police.