Author Topic: Rosa Maria Doyle (McNamara) - Unsolved - Rape and Murder - August 22, 1984  (Read 2149 times)

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The murder of my friend Rosa Maria Doyle (McNamara) on August 22, 1984 remains unsolved 37 years later. Raped and murdered in St. Hubert (now Longueuil) and found in a ditch. People living nearby heard a woman screaming on the night of her murder, and thought it was a joke - just some kids playing around - and, did not call the police. They, too, have blood on their hands.
R.I.P. all these many years later.

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Welcome Rosa's friend. I am sorry for the loss of your friend, and I can see that her murder has haunted you for 37 years.

I couldn't find anything on Rosa on the web using the various last names.

You might have some luck in finding information in reports from the local paper, or their archived issues back then. Rosa is not listed on the cold case murders list by the Surete du Quebec web site, although they do list cases from the 1980's. It seems that some cold cases aren't put on the list unless family members demand it. That is what happens in Ontario. Without family involvement, police tend to ignore the cases they don't think are solvable, or they know who the killer is and he is deceased.

Here is the list of unsolved cases on the Quebec police web site.

Below is a link showing eight families of victims who will never give up, and are holding the Quebec police accountable for their apparent pathetic investigations of historic cases. They have asked for a public inquiry.  A documentary filmmaker looking into unsolved deaths of women and young girls from the 1970s and 1980's found many stones unturned. Unfortunately Rosa's murder happened during this time, and she has likely been forgotten, with her file buried in a police basement storage unit.

It would take a family member to contact police and try to activate her case. Or they could find the filmmaker or the other families noted in the article, and ask for advice on how to keep her case open. Perhaps you could contact her family in this regard.

As far as witnesses hearing screams, and thought it was a joke and kids playing around--don't be too hard on them. I have had the same thing happen to me a few times, when I was alarmed, and discovered it was nothing. Young girls screaming and acting silly. I agree they should have investigated and made sure there wasn't a problem. I'm sure they have been haunted by not doing so on that day.