Author Topic: Criminal Profiling Classes in Toronto taught by a Professional  (Read 500 times)


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Dear web sleuths,

From September to early-December, I will be teaching a 12-week course in criminal profling to the general public in downtown or mid-town Toronto: one two-hour class on a week night, once a week. An upfront payment of $299.99 is required to cover the $25/class fee. Classes will be located within a 5-7 minute walk of a subway station.

As a published criminologist and criminal profiler for the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, I have assisted police in investigating homicides in London, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. These cases have included sexual homicides, serial murders, missing persons, and 'routine' homicides.

Among the topics the class will look at are psychopathy, paraphilia and fetishes, modus operandi and signature, linkage analysis, geographic profiling, victimology and much more. Obviously some of the material will be highly graphic.

Whether you are a web-sleuth, writer, journalist, mental health worker, law enforcement, aspiring profiler, or simply somebody who has an interest in such things, all are welcome. Currently, I am looking into finding an appropriate classroom in downtown or mid-town Toronto and am assessing how many students are interested in attending.

Please send me confirmation that you would like to attend along with your availability so I can begin to determine class size and book a suitable location. You may reach me at

Lee Mellor, PhD (abd)