Author Topic: Poor little children used, marketed and tortured in the name of Porn  (Read 3289 times)


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Will the citizens of this country and this world, ever stand up for these babies?  What will it take?  Is John Q Public really stupid enough to think the authorities (use that word with a grain of wonder) will handle this properly?  - they seldom do!!! because those doing the deeds are already too rich and/or too powerful to punish!!!  >:( >:( >:(
It is beyond what a normal human being should tolerate in this world at this point in time.
  Why don't these "tough guys" who shoot down people worshiping in mosques, eating in restaurants, attending gala affairs etc. turn their sickness to something constructive like hunting down the likes of these? !!!!! , or call 1-800-843-5678.
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Re: Poor little children used, marketed and tortured in the name of Porn
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What can we do when lawmakers don't do a damn thing about changing laws and holding everyone accountable? Our total system is in shambles and getting worse. I don't think that Trudeau will make any changes. He doesn't care since we are paying for his children to have a responsible nanny. Other than that he only cares about certain groups and the rest of us Canadians who worked and made our way ( not on government dole) be damned.
All our laws are ancient. We don't even have anything in place to stop children from being taken out of the country without permission. Other countries have tightened those laws but not Canada who seems to be thought of as a leader!