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Interprovincial Trade -
« on: October 29, 2016, 12:06:03 PM »
Okay, so BC can now ship their wine across the country.  Nice for wine lovers.

I would love to have decent tomatoes.  The real beef steak kind.  Ripe, juicy, with fine skin, and full of pulp.  - From the Holland Marshes in Ontario.  Nova Scotia blueberries.
The list goes on.

BC tomatoes are terrible, as well as those that we get from the US.  No pulp - hard skinned and core. 

And what about those delicious fiddle-heads, from Nfld?  We used to have them in the frozen food section in the prairies, but they have disappeared from the shelves.

More Quebec cheeses, and their fabulous smoked meats, and specialty pickles would be wonderful.

In the summer months; neither is it convenient to search out a crowded farmer's market - all of the time, when we have air conditioned super markets all too willing to take our well earned dollar.

I am sure that we have many perfect food items in our own country, that we do not have access to -

Are we Canadians forced to carry on with some of the crap that lines our shelves because of free trade?

I cringe when I see the tomato festival in Italy, on television, whereby they throw beautiful luscious tomatoes at each other.  What a waste!!  Ship some of them over here please.
Might be easier, then obtaining them from Ontario.

Do we not have a choice of good Canadian products vs imported at the supermarket?

They both should be readily available - and let the consumer decide with their wallet.


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