Author Topic: New law passed in 2015 regarding injuring law enforcement animals  (Read 595 times)


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It's about dang time. So many beautiful GSDs have been killed in the line of duty by criminals running from law and these dogs have put out their best to protect and serve.

This article however is about drunken students hitting police horses while doing their duty with their handlers. All they were doing is guarding with their handlers and a few kids thought it fun to run up and slap the horses from behind. A moment of what they thought was fun may end up with an 18 month jail sentence or a fine of 10,000 or both. I wonder if they will be terminated from their University? They should be if they are that dumb!

IMO, poor horses for being slapped. I have absolutely no sympathy for the girl who got kicked in the face! Karma!

Three people are facing charges for allegedly slapping a police horse during an annual celebration at an Ontario university.

Kingston Police said that two men and a woman will face a charge of injuring a law enforcement animal, a new section in the Criminal Code that took effect in 2015.