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Reet Jurvetson- 1969- murdered in Los Angeles
« on: September 10, 2016, 09:36:50 AM »
There is an article in National Post which has composite sketches of possible suspects, however I don't have a subscription and I can't copy. She has been a Jane Doe for 47 years.

Los Angeles police have identified the body of a woman found stabbed 150 times in 1969 as 19-year-old Reet Jurvetson from Montreal.

Initial reports pointed to a possible link to the Manson Family killings, but police have confirmed that is not the case.

"There is no actual link other than back in 1969 they thought that maybe she might have been at [Manson Family compound] Spahn Ranch," LAPD Det. Luis Riviera,  the lead investigator on the case, told CBC News.

"The victim [was thought to have] been at the Spahn Ranch because an identity was made by one of the workers at the Spahn Ranch. However, that was proven to be false."

A statement released by the LAPD on Wednesday indicated that investigators nevertheless interviewed Manson in the hopes he would have information about Jurvetson's death.

"Their encounter with Manson did not produce anything fruitful and the investigation remains open and ongoing," the statement said.

Jurvetson's body was discovered down an embankment on Mulholland Drive in November 1969, a short time after she arrived in Los Angeles.

Reet Jurvetson
Jurvetson moved to California from Montreal back in 1969 to start a new life. (Jurvetson family)

Her homicide case went cold after police investigators failed to identify the body. She remained a Jane Doe for more than 40 years.

With Jurvetson now identified as the victim, police are focusing their investigation on identifying a person of interest named "John" or "Jean." They believe she met this person in Montreal in 1969, and that he may have lived in the U.S.

Born in Sweden, Jurvetson grew up in Montreal, according to a statement issued by her sister Anne. She moved to California in 1969 to start a new life.

"Reet was a lovely, free-spirited and happy girl. She was very artistic, drew well and liked to sew her own clothes," Anne wrote.

In the fall of 1969, Jurvetson had sent her parents a postcard that said she was happy in Los Angeles and told them not to worry. It was the last time they would ever hear from her.

Reet Jurvetson
One of the last photos taken of Jurvetson, when she was age 18. (Jurvetson family)

"They thought that she was just living her life somewhere and that eventually news from her would turn up," wrote Anne, who added the family never contacted police to report Reet's disappearance.

She hopes witnesses will come forward and provide information to the LAPD about her sister's slaying.

"I am horrified to think of how terribly frightened and alone she must have felt as she died," Anne wrote.

With files from The Associated Press


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Re: Reet Jurvetson- 1969- murdered in Los Angeles
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2016, 02:06:20 PM »
Since the rent roll with tenants names no longer exists.  Is it possible to check old telephone directories - at their city library - as well as census records for names of tenants of that building? Reverse address with names sections

Some telephone companies also keep historical hard copy telephone books- or they may have been micro-fiched, or scanned.
I believe that with a little digging in that direction, the Fifth Estate may have some luck.



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Re: Reet Jurvetson- 1969- murdered in Los Angeles
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2018, 03:08:20 PM »
History channel had a docu about Charles Manson ... inside the mind of a madman (something to that effect). His interview was just a waste of time imo. He was just that, a deranged madman.
Detectives are still trying to piece together events and have a picture of a girl and one of Manson's henchmen standing outside Spahn ranch prior to the date Reet went missing. The partial side view really looks like that of Reet.
If Reet had gotten involved with the group and wanted out, she would have been killed. Some of the people interviewed said a picture of Reet looked familiar. Manson claims he did not give orders for his people to kill. He said he taught them how he kills and they did the rest. The overall picture is ... if the new persons to the group did not mind Manson's rules, they were offed. Detectives still on the case are certain Reet met these people and changed her mind about following them/being with them. Her bones apparently were not far from Manson's lore.
I was not surprised, (but I had not ever paid attention to the stories of this depraved little man (Manson) and his crazed followers), to find there are many more murders that this group of mentally sick and depraved scum committed. The Sharon Tate household and the LaBianca household were the only ones in the media back in the day.
People who could be found and were not ever part of Manson's group commented on the documentary, trying to help investigators but some of Manson's past henchmen would not discuss the past, or lied.