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A 19-year-old man charged in the shooting deaths of high-school sweethearts Cory Grey and Dylan Laboucan was a longtime friend of Laboucan's who expressed concern when the teens went missing in July from their northern Alberta home.

Edward Devin Boyce Gladue, from Whitefish Lake First Nation, faces two counts of second-degree murder, RCMP said Friday. Gladue was arrested in Peace River on Thursday without incident.

"When we found out it was Edward, I was really upset, because this was somebody that we trusted," Becky Thunder, Laboucan's mother, said Friday evening.

Laboucan, 17, and Grey, 19, disappeared on the evening of July 23 from the trailer where they lived with his parents. A community member found Laboucan's body on July 25. Grey's body was discovered the next day. Both were found on well-sites on the reserve and had been shot to death.

Thunder said Gladue called her when her son went missing. She said he was in tears, and told her he was scared. She thought he was concerned for his friend.

The next day he came to the Laboucans' house. Thunder said she asked him if he had seen Dylan or Cory the day they went missing, and he said he hadn't.

"He had the nerve to come to my residence and deny everything," she said.

​The family said that before the couple went missing they hadn't seen much of Gladue.

Residents of Whitefish Lake First Nation relieved by arrest

Police arrest suspect in deaths of Whitefish Lake First Nation teens

Gunshots ended love story for 'inseparable' Alberta First Nations teens

Thunder said friends of her son have told her Gladue was "obsessed" with Laboucan's girlfriend and was jealous of his success, especially with the couple about to move away to attend college.

"Edward had nothing going for him. He was a dropout," Thunder said.

Thunder said the two boys were longtime friends and cousins who went to school together from a young age.

Gladue grew up just down the street from the Laboucan family on the Whitefish Lake First Nation, north of Slave Lake.

​​Police say murders not random

Gladue was arrested after an intensive investigation lasting nearly two weeks involving the use of specialized units within the RCMP as well as members from the High Prairie RCMP detachment, police said.

Police don't think the killings were a random act, and they don't believe any other suspects were involved.

Gladue is scheduled to appear in provincial court in High Prairie, Alta., on Monday.

RCMP said they won't be providing any other details or comments on the case.



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Thanks for the update sap1.

Jealousy, envy and resentment - how awful. Two counts of murder - all because of these feelings, this young man will spend most of his life in prison.
His family will be shunned within the community.
So many lives are forever shattered.


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There was to be a further court trial on Sept 19 however no further information after this article below.

The man charged in the shooting deaths of two Whitefish Lake First Nation teens made his first court appearance on Monday.

Edward Devin Boyce Gladue, 19, faces two counts of second-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Cory Grey and Dylan Laboucan.

The case was adjourned until Sept. 19.

Police charge friend of Alberta teen sweethearts with their killings
Police arrest suspect in deaths of Whitefish Lake First Nation teens
Laboucan's mother, Becky Thunder, described a tense scene in the High Prairie courtroom.

"He didn't even look at us," she said of Gladue, adding that family members of accused did not make eye contact or speak to the victims' relatives.

"They never showed their condolences," Thunder said.

'It's somebody we trusted'

Thunder said Gladue grew up down the road from her family in Whitefish River, a small community on Whitefish Lake First Nation.

Gladue attended Atikameg School on the reserve with the victims, and used to play with Laboucan with they were younger, Thunder said.

"We didn't have anything against him," she said. "He was our son's friend. It's somebody that we trusted."

Thunder said Gladue called her when her son and Grey went missing, and even visited in person.

Grey, 19, and Laboucan, 17, were in a relationship and lived with his parents at their trailer.

Laboucan and Grey had both been accepted at Northern Lakes College in Slave Lake and had made a deposit on an apartment there.

They were reported missing on July 23.

A member of the community found Laboucan's body on a well-site two days later. Another member of the community found Grey's body the next day.

Both had been shot to death.

Gladue, who lived on the reserve, has no criminal record. He was arrested in Peace River last week.

Police say they're not looking for any other suspects.

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Defendant to plead guilty on two counts according to lawyer.


One year after a teenage couple was shot to death on Whitefish Lake First Nation in northern Alberta, the man charged with killing them intends to enter a guilty plea, CBC News has learned.

Edward Devin Boyce Gladue faces two counts of second-degree murder in the shooting deaths of high school sweethearts Cory Grey, 19, and Dylan Laboucan, 17.

Police charge friend of Alberta teen sweethearts with their killings
Courtroom tense as man accused of killing Whitefish Lake teens makes first appearance
Gladue's lawyer, Robert Marceau, confirmed to CBC News by email on Tuesday that he said on the record during court proceedings that his client intends to enter guilty pleas on both counts.

Gladue last appeared in court in Peace River on July 21. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 6.

An agreed statement of facts is anticipated, and a report to take into consideration the accused's Indigenous background during sentencing has been ordered.


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Life sentence for killer.

A man who pleaded guilty to killing two teenagers at Whitefish Lake First Nation last year has been sentenced to life in prison. 

Edward Devin Boyce Gladue, who was arrested in the shooting deaths of Dylan Laboucan, 17, and Cory Grey, 19, was given a life sentence at the Peace River courthouse Monday.

The teenagers, who were boyfriend and girlfriend, were killed July 23, 2016, after returning to the Laboucan home at Whitefish Lake First Nation. Gladue, who was 19 at the time of his arrest, shot both teens and then dumped them in separate locations several kilometres from the home.

The teens were returning from a family gathering when Gladue showed up at the house, according to an agreed statement of facts. Gladue shot Laboucan in the chest, striking his heart and lung and causing him to bleed to death.

Gladue then assaulted and asphyxiated Grey before shooting her in the back at close range. The teenagers? bodies were discovered by community members several days later in separate locations. Grey?s body was found without clothing from the waist down, the agreed statement of facts said.

Hundreds turned out to mourn the couple at a gathering in the community the month after the killings. The two were buried side by side at the Whitefish River Cemetery.

At the funeral, friends and family remembered Grey as an animal lover with an infectious laugh, while Laboucan was a talented athlete who graduated at the top of his class. Both had been accepted to study at Northern Lakes College in Slave Lake.

Gladue is eligible to apply for parole after 12 years in the murder of Laboucan, and after 13 years for Grey, a justice ministry spokesperson said in an email. The sentences will run concurrently, meaning he will be eligible to apply for parole after 13 years.

He has also been ordered to give a DNA sample, and is not allowed to own firearms or contact the families of the deceased.

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I agree, not justice. Just a slap on the wrist.