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Mimi Khonsari, 60 murderd May 21 2004
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Jurors picked in Barrie slay trial

BARRIE -- A jury trial that will delve into the murder of the wife of a prominent Barrie doctor who was stabbed to death and left in a wooded area off a country road began yesterday.

Clare Spiers is charged with the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Mimi Khonsari, 60, wife of Dr. Homa Khonsari, chief of surgery at the Barrie Royal Victoria Hospital.

Spiers, 43, formerly of the Barrie and Orillia area, stood in the prisoner's box dressed in a grey suit and loudly pleaded "not guilty" to the charges.

Khonsari's body was found in a wooded area on Ridge Rd. north of Barrie on Victoria Day holiday weekend May 21, 2004.

Later that day police found her vehicle with her 11-month-old granddaughter, alone and unharmed, buckled in the child seat in the parking lot of a high-rise apartment building behind the Kozlov Centre shopping mall. Spiers is charged with kidnapping the child as well.

More than 100 witnesses and 30 police officers could be called testify in the trial that is expected to last up to four months.

Some people were excused as jurors because they were patients of Dr. Khonsari and they said they believed that would cause them to be biased.

Another issue that arose was the fact that the accused is aboriginal. One by one, each potential juror was asked if that would hamper their ability to be fair and impartial. So far, all of them said no.

Seven jurors were selected yesterday.

The jury selection will continue today.

Crown attorneys Lorne McConnery and Elizabeth Quinlan plan to open their case to the jury tomorrow.


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Re: Mimi Khonsari, 60 murderd May 21 2004
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This trial has been moved to Toronto to find an untainted jury pool. Full article can be found here:

The age of the suspect made me a bit curious, so I looked up his name online in the Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies. Unsurprisingly, Clare Spiers has a history of violence.

Spiers was arrested in New York in 1987 at the age of 22 for raping, sodomizing, and robbing a young British woman who had missed her flight home. His girlfriend at the time, Kelly Ayers/Ayres assisted in the attack:


Dale Brazao Toronto Star. Toronto Star [Toronto, Ont] 15 Sep 1987: A13.

 A Metro couple has been arrested at New York's Kennedy Airport after a British teenager, upset over missing her flight home, was raped and robbed in the airport's observation lounge.

Port Authority police said the arrested man gave his name as Clare Spiers, 23, of Toronto, but also used the alias, Steven Barren. Police have been unable to confirm his claim of a Toronto address.

Spiers and his companion, identified as Kelly Ayres, 23, of Vaughan Rd., were arrested as they left an airport parking lot in a 1976 Monte Carlo with Ontario licence plates, reported stolen in Toronto Sept. 10, police said.

The incident occurred Saturday when the 19-year-old woman from Bournemouth, England, apparently missed her flight home because of heavy traffic, Port Authority spokesman Armando Arrastia said.

The teenager, who had spent the summer in New Jersey working with handicapped children, was in a restroom crying when she was approached by a woman, Arrastia told The Star in a telephone interview.

She was then introduced to a man, who offered to help find another flight home, police said.

Instead, she was taken to the observation deck in a terminal which was closed at the time where she was raped and robbed of $220 in cash and travellers' cheques.

Spiers is charged with rape, sodomy, robbery, possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana. Ayres is charged with possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana. 

In June 2003, Spiers, 38, was convicted of assault with a weapon and violating probation. He spent 12 days in pretrial custody and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

This is all I could find on Spiers. No information on the 87 arrest - if he was convicted, if he was sentenced to prison, etc. Interesting that he was arrested along with his girlfriend. I wonder what became of her.