Author Topic: Eva Dvorak & Patricia Marie McQueen - found dead Feb 15, 1976  (Read 5983 times)

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Eva Dvorak & Patricia Marie McQueen were found dead on Sunday February 15, 1976 at 10:45 a.m. under the overpass to Happy Valley Recreation Centre, one mile west of the city limits. They were found by a Calgary man on his way to Cochrane. Both girls were 14 years old.

Autopsies were performed but a cause of death could not be determined. Since both girls had been drinking and doing drugs prior to their deaths, accidental drug overdose could not be ruled out but the RCMP said someone dumped their fully clothed bodies under the overpass.

Both girls had been expelled from Ian Bazalgette Junior High School in Calgary for smelling like alcohol just three days earlier. They didn't return home and chose to spend their final days with friends. Police traced the girls movements to as late as 12:30 a.m. on Feb 15 when a friend saw them walking along 9th Avenue S.E. near 12th Street.

A coroner's inquest was later held into the deaths but the coroner's jury made no recommendations nor recorded any official opinions about the deaths.
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Re: Eva Dvorak & Patricia Marie McQueen - found dead Feb 15, 1976
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I went to Holy Cross School, right next to Ian Bazelgette. I remember this case well as I was friends with Eva's cousin, Debbie. This is an unsolved murder(s) as far as I'm concerned. Someone dumped their bodies and with todays technology with DNA, this should be looked into. So sad for the closure!  :-(


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Re: Eva Dvorak & Patricia Marie McQueen - found dead Feb 15, 1976
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Hi Rose. Welcome to the site. You are familiar from Jessica's page. :)

Unfortunately, it sounds as though people had given up on these girls even before they were found dead and up to and including the coroner's report. So sad. Kids can go wild and live on the wild side but at that age one just doesn't give up on them. It may take years but there is always hope they will turn their lives around when they realize those who shove drugs and alcohol at them are not their real friends. As it turns out here with these girls, if they were with friends prior to their death, they were dumped like garbage.

Has family never pursued the police for answers? It must be known by police who the friends with alcohol and drugs were. Perhaps it was a combination of drugs and alcohol that killed them but at age 14 they are not likely to come to that without help from older "friends".

This deserves solving no matter what the girls did. They did not deserve to die. There seems to be nothing on the Net except for a few mentions here. 
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