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SERIAL KILLER MIGHT BE BEHIND UNSOLVED QUEBEC CHILD MURDERS: DOCUMENTARY - Oct 29, 2014 - National Post - (I first saw the story on the Montreal Gazette)  Filmmaker is Stephan Parent from Montreal.

"There's a serial killer of children on the loose in Quebec, living today in Trois-Rivieres having eluded police since the 1980s, claims a documentary filmmaker who has completed an examination of eight unsolved homicides.

Stephan Parent makes the explosive, if not sensationalist, claim in Novembre 84', a two-hour documentary that contains dramatic reconstructions of the abductions of children as well as the dumping of their bodies in fields...

Parent suggests that the abductions of the eight children from 1981 to 2007 are somehow linked, even though the causes of death diverge widely in some cases.

For Example, a coroner's report found that 10 year old Pascal Pouline, who disappeared in January 1990, had been strangled and stabbed to death, with the assailant then committing a sexual act on his corpse and leaving traces of sperm on the body. But the autopsy report of Maurice Viens, who was four years old when he was abducted on Nov. 1, 1984, showed that the killer had beaten the boy to death with a blunt object, perhaps a two-by-four piece of wood, and that there were no signs of sexual abuse.

The filmmaker also suggests that the Montreal Urban Community police at the time botched their investigations into the deaths of the children, but does not include any onscreen interviews with any detectives or police officials who might give their side of the story. ...Parent acknowledged that there might be more than one killer behind the eight abductions.

"What I think is that possibly there is one, perhaps two, perhaps three killers," Parent said.

In addition to the deaths of Viens and Poulin, the documentary looks into the disappearances of six other children: Tammy Leak, 12, whose body was found in March 1981 and who was beaten to death with no signs of sexual abuse; Wilton Lubin, 5, and Sebastian Metivier, 8, who were both abducted on Nov. 1, 1984, with Metivier's body never being found; 4 year old Denis Roux-Bergevin, whose badly beaten body was found in June 1985; Marie-Eve Lariviere, 13, whose body was found in Laval in March 1992; and Cedrika Provencher, 10, who was last seen in Trois-Rivieres on July 31, 2007.

The documentary is at its most persuasive when it focuses on the disappearances of Viens, Lubin and Metivier -- who were all abducted on the same day and in the adjoining neighbourhoods of the Centre-Sud and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve -- and then seven months later, Roux-Bergevin. The cause of death of the boys was the same; they were beaten to death with a blunt object and there were no signs of sexual abuse."


The article goes on to describe a suspect 'a roomer' who is alive today in Trois-Riveres and is in his 50's. The doc maker also suggests there may have been an accomplice, a taxi driver, who has since died. Both men had been patients at a Psychiatric Hospital in Quebec The man that is still alive today, stabbed a unnamed teenager to death in high school when he, himself was an adolescent. 

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Re: Is there a Child Serial Killer in Quebec - A new documentary takes a look
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Thanks for posting.  I hope it will be on Television and will lead to resolution.    I often think of Cedrika and how the person likely lured her with a tale about a lost pet.