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Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« on: August 28, 2007, 09:23:04 AM »
* 1972 ? Priscilla Merle, 21, of London, was last seen getting into a car
outside her sister's home in London on March 4. Her left arm was found two
weeks later in Kettle Creek, north of Port Stanley. Her upper torso was found
beside a Kettle Creek marina a month later. For the next several months, police
continued to recover pieces of her body in the area.


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2010, 05:15:54 PM »
Does anyone know if Magee drove a orange 240z? I was abducted while hitchhicking to Dorchester about 74 , He wanted to have oral sex ,He  drove  through dorchester and wanted to go onto a side road , but I convinved him that it was a farm laneway .. In Putnam he pulled around the corner to head tot he 401 and I jumeped out of the car , which ran me over . OPPS picked me up and thats the last I head of it till today on this post


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2010, 06:47:26 AM »
Christian Magee, the notorious Mad Slasher of Strathroy, may wage his fight for transfer to a medium-security facility -- even one in London -- all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Magee lost his bid yesterday to transfer to such a facility in Toronto. But he remains determined to get out of the maximum-security unit at the Penetanguishene mental health centre where he's been for nearly 29 years.

He's looking for a new home in a regional mental health centre like that in London, his lawyer, Daniel Brodsky of Toronto, said yesterday.

In the meantime, Brodsky said, he will help Magee prepare for the leave to appeal and for another hearing on his bid for a transfer.

The Ontario Court of Appeal overruled the Ontario Review Board, which had approved Magee's transfer from a maximum-security facility, despite overwhelming evidence Magee poses a continuing and substantial risk to reoffend.

"This is a small victory for victims and their families," said a London man whose sister survived after being left for dead by Magee.

"I feel good about it," said the man, who feared Magee is trying to get back on the streets where his sister, 19 at the time of her attack in 1975, remains traumatized by him.

Magee, now 58 and diagnosed as a sadistic serial sex killer, said he wanted the move for access to women and to eventually visit his family in Strathroy.

Evidence at his review board hearing was that his family -- except for a daughter -- remain terrified of him and don't want to see him.

Magee was found not criminally responsible in three sex murders and two rapes of young women in the Strathroy area between 1974 and 1976. He used a knife to stab and slash most victims.

The court supported the Penetanguishene facility's appeal in a decision released yesterday. It found the review board erred by concentrating on finding the "least onerous and restrictive" setting for Magee. A re-hearing was ordered.

"I'll be there," vowed the man, whose family lived in Strathroy in the 1970s.

The 27-page ruling, written by Justice E. A. Cronk, minced few words as it condemned the review board's decision last May.

"The board's disposition was not made after meaningful consideration of the requisite statutory factors, namely, the need to protect the public from Mr. Magee, Mr. Magee's mental condition, his other needs and his reintegration into society," Cronk wrote.

The review board conducts annual reviews of persons found mentally ill and not criminally responsible for their crimes.

"The evidence (was) that Mr. Magee persists in seeking a transfer to a medium secure facility because he believes that it will facilitate his desired access to women," Cronk wrote. "Mr. Magee's motivation in seeking a transfer should have sounded an alarm bell for the review board."

Medium secure facilities stress reintegration into the community.

MPP Garfield Dunlop, the Conservative critic for public safety and correctional services, hailed the decision.

Dunlop said he found it particularly troublesome Magee wants to return to Strathroy, the scene of his crimes.

"Society has to pay far more attention to victims," he said.

Brodsky said he expects a new review board hearing within 45 days.

He said Magee is "stoic" and determined to get out of Penetanguishene. If Magee had pleaded guilty to the murders, he said, he'd have been out on the street by now.


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2010, 06:52:16 AM »
HI, grange
I posted a photo .Is this the person your thinking of,? I do some digging and see what I can find. Maybe someone on the board will find more for you.


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2010, 07:06:13 AM »
grange From what I found so far he was active in 74.

Canadian Press

Date: Saturday Feb. 4, 2006 11:28 PM ET

An Ontario mental patient found not guilty by reason of insanity for horrific sex slayings in the '70s that earned him the nickname the Mad Slasher is seeking to loosen his shackles.

Christian Magee is asking the Ontario Court of Appeal to approve a transfer from the maximum-security facility where he has resided for almost three decades in what could be the first step toward his eventual freedom.

"I should've been moved years ago," Magee said in a phone interview from the Oak Ridge division of the Mental Health Centre in Penetanguishene.

"I don't think I'm dangerous anymore. I've learned a lot over the years, I've come to understand my problems and how to deal with them. It's just time to move on."

The 57-year-old Strathroy, Ont., labourer wants to be transferred to Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, where his release is more probable.

Magee was first tried in October 1977 for the strangulation and stabbing death a year earlier of a 15-year-old girl near Forest, Ont. The girl's body was found in bikini briefs with a laceration above her vagina.

He stood trial again in January 1980 for the killings of two 19-year-old women, the rape of a 14-year-old girl and the choking and fondling of another victim.

Magee was found not guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, a count of rape and another of indecent assault and committed to Oak Ridge.

After 29 years, Magee says he's had his treatment and now it's time for the system to let him move on. In December, the Ontario Court of Appeal heard his application for a transfer to a medium-security unit in Toronto, and a decision is expected at any time.

"You can't just hold somebody," Magee said. "There has to be a progression of better treatment and privileges . . . this place thinks all they have to do is house the person, but the courts sent people here for treatment."

"We ain't criminals, that's supposed to be the difference between this place and the correctional system."

Magee suffers from a personality disorder and at least three paraphilias, according to a psychiatric and sexological report submitted to the court.

"This gentleman's fantasies involving torture, dismemberment, and cannibalism with respect to his victims is also consistent with the diagnosis of sexual sadism, as is a history of post-mortem sexually-related activities," wrote Dr. Philip Klassen after conducting a five-hour assessment on April 16, 2004.

"(But) this gentleman's history suggests to me that this gentleman could be . . . managed on a medium secure unit, with respect to both aggressive behaviour and elopement risk."

Magee, now a Protestant, has taken up woodworking while at Oak Ridge, building rocking horses and baby cradles which he says he has donated to various charities.

"The Lord has used me while I've been in here and he's given me a desire to help others," he said, maintaining he no longer poses a threat to the public.

If Magee's transfer application to Toronto succeeds, it would be the first time a Canadian court approved a move from a maximum-to a medium-security facility, said Daniel Brodsky, Magee's court-appointed lawyer.

"Mr. Magee, in retrospect, would've been far better off in a penitentiary. He would've either been in a minimum-security institution by now or he would be living in the community," Brodsky said.

"I'll bet that his trial lawyer had champagne and all his friends thought he had a great victory when his client was found not guilty by reason of insanity ... well, 30 years later he's in exactly the same place as the day after he won his case."

A transfer would not pose any risk to the public because the Toronto facility has sufficient measures to keep him onsite, Brodsky said.

But the Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre has expressed concerns over the application, arguing that moving him to Toronto would put him one step further from jurisdiction of the Ontario Review Board, which annually reviews the status of every person found not criminally responsible due to mental disorder.

Klassen also noted in his report that the Toronto facility doesn't have the recreational programs Magee currently enjoys at Oak Ridge.

Magee's case highlights the complete lack of specialized mental health treatment programs in the prison system and the scarcity of such programs at mental health hospitals, Brodsky added.

"If Chris goes to a medium-security institution and occupies a bed for years on end, that means other people who can be brought into the hospital and treated within months or a couple of years can't be treated," he said.

"It's a crying shame that both Chris and the person who can be treated more expeditiously have to compete for limited resources."

Magee said he simply wants a chance to prove himself, adding that he is willing to face relatives of his victims to give them closure and atone for his vicious actions.

"Whether it's tomorrow or 10, 20 years from now, if they ever wanted to sit down across the table from me and just rant and rave to explain to me . . . the loneliness that they feel at every birthday, at every Christmas, at every Thanksgiving, Easter," he said, sighing.

"(If) it would be beneficial to them, then I would go through it."

A history of crimes committed by Christian Magee in southwestern Ontario, according to court documents:

March 2, 1974: A 19-year-old woman left a Strathroy pizza restaurant at about 9 p.m., crossing railroad tracks on her way home. Magee followed, grabbed her and fatally slashed her throat with a jackknife. He then undid her pants, fondled her and took some money from her. He washed the knife, went home and dried it as his wife apparently watched.
June 20, 1975: Magee left his Strathroy house in the evening in search of a woman he noticed headed towards a nearby park. He found her, tackled her and told her he wanted sex. They struggled until he choked her. She then told him she would comply and he began to undo her zipper, but it broke. He then choked her unconscious, fondled her vagina and left. She survived.
Oct. 20, 1975: Magee passed the house of a 19-year-old woman he knew in Mount Brydges. She invited him in. He grabbed her, forcing her to the floor. He took off her pants and began to have sex but stopped, he said, out of deep affection for her. She put her pants back on before he strangled her with a black bootlace and fatally stabbed her in the throat. Her body was found at about 5 p.m., lying on the kitchen floor.
Nov. 3, 1975: Magee picked up a 14-year-old girl hitchhiking in the London area. He drove her to a deserted area where he ordered her to disrobe. When she did not act quickly enough, he tore her clothes off. She kicked and screamed. He struck her in the face and had sex with her, lacerating her vagina. He then strangled her unconscious and hit her with a glass bottle, fracturing her skull. She was found naked and semi-conscious on a road later that evening. She ultimately identified Magee.
June 15, 1976: Magee picked up a 15-year-old girl returning to her parents' cottage near Strathroy. He had sex with her. He then strangled her, stabbed her in the throat and chest, and slashed her, leaving a 20-centimetre laceration above her vagina. Her dead body was found in bikini briefs at about 2:15 p.m. near an old home. He was arrested the next day.


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #5 on: November 06, 2010, 07:14:26 AM »
Looks like he Drove a truck.

The serial killer known as the Mad Slasher says he is sorry for his reign of terror 30 years ago in southwestern Ontario, and wants to make amends by meeting the relatives of his victims so they can vent their anger at him.

"It won't be a very comfortable meeting ... but I owe them that much," Christian Herbert Magee said in a recent phone interview from the Oak Ridge division of the Mental Health Centre in Penetanguishene, where he is awaiting an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling on whether he should have the chance for some limited freedom.

Magee, 57, overweight and diabetic, wants to be transferred to a treatment program in west-end Toronto geared towards reintegrating patients into the community. Penetang officials strongly oppose the move, warning Magee is too dangerous to be allowed back into society. He has been in custody since 1977 after being found not guilty by reason of insanity for murdering three teenagers.

Regardless of the decision of Ontario's highest court, Magee said he wants to sit down with the people he hurt and give them a chance to express their rage. Lawyer Dan Brodsky has offered to set up the meeting.

"I can never take that hurt away, as much as I'd love to," Magee said. "It will always be there. But I feel that if I give them the chance to meet with me, and let them vent their anger and how much I messed up their lives ... it would be a step in the healing process."

Said Brodsky: "He wants to say he's sorry. It could benefit both sides. Just saying he's the devil and not trying to understand doesn't help you get on with your life."

Magee's unusual offer has been met with anger by some of those he wants to meet.

"Talk to Magee? That's a definite no to that," said Geoffrey Scholes.

In June 1976, Scholes had told his 15-year-old sister, Susan Lynn, to wait until he finished work so he could drive her back to their parents' cottage near Strathroy.

But she went on ahead anyway, later accepting a ride from Magee, a familiar sight around town as he drove a truck in his job picking up animal carcasses from farms.

Magee raped her, then stabbed her in the throat, in the back, and strangled her with her halter top, before dumping the body in the basement of a deserted farm house.

Magee's first victim was 19-year-old Judith Barksey, whom he grabbed as she walked to her Strathroy home in March 1974, and then slashed her throat as she struggled, sexually assaulting her while she bled to death.

He also murdered Louise Patricia Jenner, 19, strangling her with a shoelace before stabbing her in the throat with a knife as she fought with him in the kitchen of her home in Mount Brydges in October 1975.


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #6 on: November 19, 2010, 08:09:30 PM »
What I learned from the LFP press clippings at the London Public Library:  (taken from articles dated Apr 3/72, May 24/72, July 4/72 and part of an article with an unknown date).

Last seen leaving sister and brother-in-laws' house (Mr & Mrs Raymond Julien, 257 Hill St.) at 2:30 a.m. March 4, 1972, getting into a car.

Background:  Priscilla had been separated from her husband (George) for 1 year.  She had lived with her mother, but not too long before her disappearance she moved in with her sister and BIL.  Apparently, Priscilla was known to disappear for days at a time.  She had a 2-month old son. Her sister noticed that he was in pain and took him to the hospital.  He needed abdominal surgery, but it took a little while to locate Priscilla to sign the authorization papers.  Her son had surgery on Feb 29 and was ready to be discharged on March 5, but Priscilla could not be found.  (The child became a ward of Children's Aid.)

Priscilla's lower arm was found on March 26/72 (about 3 weeks after last seen) on the bank of Kettle Creek, 4 miles north of Port Stanley and about 3/4 miles south of Fulton Bridge.  Her arm had been sawed off.
At first, London and regional law enforcement didn't think the remains were from someone local, based on their review of regional missing persons records.  They thought it might have been someone from further away and their body parts were being scattered across the province.  Ultimately the arm was identified to be Priscilla's through fingerprints.  (I wonder if her family read the reports of the remains being found and then they took Priscilla's absence more seriously?)

Priscilla's upper torso and lower torso were found in April and May 1972 respectively, in Port Stanley area waters.

Cause of death:  Unknown.  The body was dismembered.

Have faith

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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #7 on: November 19, 2010, 09:10:32 PM »
Of course the suspect in P. Merle's murder is the "Porn Man".  I don't yet know how to transfer an article from one page to another.  Maybe someone can do that, so that the info is on Merle's site.  See:  Re: Project Angel Jan. 1997 to June 2000,
reply #2 (July 5/10) by member "wantedwanted". The article is by the Toronto Star dated April 2, 1992.  See near the bottom...""He was the one that got away".

The way I read this article, the Sun is attributing the deaths of P. Merle, Jacquie English and Soraya O'connell to the Porn Man. 


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #8 on: November 19, 2010, 11:37:03 PM »
Have faith I have copied only the part of the article that pertained to P. Merle, Jacquie English and Soraya O'connell. 
The following is from a post by wantedwanted. Reply #2 at the link below.

He was the one who got away.

Detectives nicknamed him the "Porn Man" and privately admit they may have bungled the investigation into the suspected serial killer who operated over a three-year-period in the Port Stanley, Stratford and Tillsonburg areas.

Police had been watching the man for years; he had a long criminal record and had been in psychiatric hospitals.

They closed in on him when they started finding the body parts of one of his suspected victims, Priscilla Merle, in 1972, near Port Stanley, a small town on the shores of Lake Erie.

Merle's left arm was floating in Kettle Creek. Soon after, her upper torso was discovered near a marina in the same area.

Police believe the body of the 21-year-old woman had been cut up with a 35-centimetre (14-inch) power saw.

The separated mother of one had last been seen alive getting into a station wagon, a vehicle that resembled the one driven by the Porn Man.

Merle's death was the last in a series of murders starting in October, 1969, with the slaying of Jacqueline English, whose nude body was found floating in Big Otter Creek, near Tillsonburg.

The 15-year-old had been raped and murdered after hitchhiking home from her job as a waitress. Less than a year later, another 15- year-old, Soraya O'Connell, disappeared after hitchhiking home from a youth centre in London.

Her skeletal remains were found four years later in a garbage dump south of Stratford.

Police raided the Porn Man's home, where they made a grotesque discovery in his basement.

There were bags of feces stored in a chest, human waste he had collected for some bizarre reason. Along with the feces were pictures of naked children.

But the evidence wasn't strong enough to take to court, and he wasn't arrested.

Soon after, the Porn Man moved, and was last believed to be in the Toronto area.

In their eagerness to arrest the Porn Man, detectives now admit they may have moved in on him too soon.

"Looking back on the case, perhaps we could have played it differently. Perhaps tailed him more," said one detective.

"But one thing's for sure. After he left town . . . the killings stopped.",3604.0.html
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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #9 on: November 20, 2010, 12:09:36 AM »
Thank you debbiec :-)


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #10 on: January 21, 2011, 12:46:00 PM »
Wow. Its been 39 years since we have lost a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and a mother. It seems as though it will go unsolved due to the lapse in time and evidence. To know that someone is out there who committed this unimaginable crime is walking and breathing without a care, watching the sunrise and set each day is the most unsettling feeling one could experience. I just hope that one day...maybe tomorrow, next year or next life we will find the answers in which will give our family some closure.

Priscilla-you are greatly missed
Love your Family and Friends

Have faith

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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #11 on: January 21, 2011, 07:13:28 PM »
Hello Trinity,

39 years is too long to wait for justice, and I can only imagine how painful this must be for Priscilla's family and friends.

Apparently the "Porn Man" was the main suspect, but a lack of evidence allowed him to escape charges.  The police who had watched him for years would surely have notified the Toronto police when he left for Toronto. It may be possible to find out what they know about him eg if he died, was incarcerated or committed to a psychiatric facility. Have you tried to obtain this information about him?  There is a chance that he was institutionalized and was denied freedom all these years, which would make me feel a little less anger and frustration about the lack of justice for his victims and their loved ones.

I hope that you can gain some knowledge that may help in some small way, to ease some of your pain. Priscilla will always be included on this forum, so that she is not forgotten.

Have faith


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #12 on: January 21, 2011, 07:59:01 PM »
My post above reflected cold, hard facts of this case as I collected them.  My motive was to get as much background and context on this forum as possible....hopefully contributing to justice ultimately being served.

But, of course, these cold hard facts are nothing in the face of family pain.  No family should have to go through what you have gone through.  As 'have faith' said, we do not want Priscilla to be forgotten.  Priscilla hadn't even had a chance to find her way in life; to find out who she could have been.  No one deserves that! 

My thoughts are with all of Priscilla's loved ones.


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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #13 on: January 21, 2011, 08:18:35 PM »
For Priscilla's Family.    There is still time on this earth for Priscilla to receive justice. There is also an eternity of torment and punishment for Priscilla's killer. 



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Re: Priscilla Merle - London, ON - Murdered - 1972
« Reply #14 on: January 31, 2012, 10:26:53 PM »
Two images of Priscilla, the first from a 1989 general examination of unsolved crimes in London and area, the second from the public introduction to Project Angel in 1998: