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Safety while driving
« on: November 15, 2013, 05:18:37 PM »
This is one of the most important things for people to do when driving their car "KEEP THE DOORS LOCKED AT ALL TIMES" Set the locks so they lock the doors when the car begins to move. Also for females:"DONT PUT YOUR PURSE ON THE PASSEMGERS SEAT"  A thief will wait at a traffic light and when you stop he will run over, open the passenger door, grab your purse and be gone before you can blink. "DONT CARRY YOUR SIN CARD IN YOUR WALLET"  The card does not have your picture or your age on it and thieves can get a credit card in your name (Yes they really can)." PUT THE VEHICLE REGISTRATION IN THE TRUNK UNDER THE SPARE TIRE" There is nothing like a thief having your registration with your address on it in one hand and in the other hand have your garage door opener. "WHILE IN YOUR CAR DONT OPEN THE WINDOW EVEN A LITTLE BIT FOR ANYBODY BUT A POLICE OFFICER" "KEEP THE DOOR TO YOUR LOCKED ALL ALL TIMES" I have had 5 people try to walk right in my front door and have had 2 people try and get into my car at a stop sign and I have caught 3 B&E guys trying to break into my house. And: guess what I was a police officer at the time. (At least someone likes me)


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Re: Safety while driving
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2013, 10:50:48 AM »
So true GC. Bad things happen to men too. A friend of my Doc was sitting in heavy traffic on a hot day and rather than use A/C he rolled down his window and had his arm hanging out. The arm with an expensive watch, which was snatched off so quickly before he realized what happened. No one gets out and chases especially when the light is turning green.