Author Topic: Armand Cyr, Reported missing October 7th, located deceased October 8th.  (Read 2354 times)


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Forgive me my french may be a little bit rusty but I have translated the article below

Armand Cyr, located deceased

Punlished October 8th 2013 at 1013Hrs
Author: Marie-Pierre Beaubien

The 86 yr old man who was reported missing yesterday in Edmundston was found this morning in the area of Saint-Basile.

The Edmundston Police force confirmed that the body of Armand Cyr was located in a ditch along David Road near route 144 at approximately 1030 this morning.

Recall that the employees of the Hotel Dieu had found his disappearance early yesterday morning. By reviewing CCTV video recordings, Mr. Cyr was seen walking near the chapel around 330 AM the night of October 6th or 7th. Mr. Cyr who is origionally from Saint-Leonard was a resident of l`hotel dieu in Saint-Basile and suffered from Dementia.

The police force assisted by Fire Fighter from Saint-Basile along with North West Ground Search & Rescue, employees from l`hotel dieu and volunteers conducted extensive searches which lead to this mornings discovery.

Mr. Cyrs body was transported to the Edmundston Regional Hospital, currently the cause of death is unknown. The police are continuing their investigation.