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David Harold Fisher alias Michael Porter
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I've reposted this from Kathryn Mary Kliewer thread posted by K008
Whatever happened to this man who spent several years hiding in Canada under the name Michael Porter and whom police were investigating for the highway of tears murders? Since he had settled down to live in Sherwood Park, he could be responsible for murders around the Edmonton area for those years. 

Jiwa, Salim. The Province [Vancouver, B.C] 02 Feb 1990: 3.

Staff reporter SALIM JIWA has investigated the case of sex killer David Harry Fisher, who fled a U.S. jail and lived 11 years in B.C. Full story, Pages 26-27.

RCMP are retracing the steps of a U.S. child-killer who sold books door-to-door across B.C. while police were investigating a series of highway killings.

David Harry Fisher, 49, took on the name Michael Porter after escaping to Vancouver in 1974 from a Washington state prison.

He sold encyclopedias for 11 years, during which time he visited many B.C. towns.

Maurice Bourke, who hired Fisher, said RCMP had asked him to list the sex killer's business travels between 1975 and 1989.

They want to compare Fisher's visits with the locations of more than 24 children and young women whose bodies were found near B.C. highways between 1974 and 1980.

Province research shows that Fisher lived 11 of his 15 years on the lam in B.C. communities, among them Burnaby, Maple Ridge and Coquitlam.

He moved to Sherwood Park, Alta., four years ago.

RCMP caught up with him a month ago after receiving a tip.

Fisher is now being questioned in Washington's Pierce county.

"They (RCMP) are looking at it very seriously," said Tacoma deputy sheriff Curt Benson.

"They are looking at him as a viable suspect.

Said Burnaby RCMP Staff Sgt. Mike Eastham: "We certainly are interested in his movements and his residence here."

Nelson RCMP Cpl. Gerry Dalen said he was reviewing the February 1981 sex killing of Vietnamese immigrant Oanh Ha, 20.

And Vernon RCMP are probing the May 1976 hotel-room slaying of Katherine Mary Kliewer, 26.

RCMP stress their investigation into Fisher's movements is in the preliminary stages.

SALIM JIWA ;Word count: 283
(Copyright The Province (Vancouver) 1990)

Arrest photo:
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Re: David Harold Fisher alias Michael Porter
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Our unsolved murders for that time period are:

Georgette Flint 1988 found at Elk Island Park
Bernadette Ahenakew 1989 found near Sherwood Park

Melodie Joy Riegel found in a hotel

Mavis Mason found dead west Edmonton
Lorraine Wray in her shop west Edmonton



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Re: David Harold Fisher alias Michael Porter
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I found this tidbit about him.

Killer's Family Knew Nothing About His Past

Times Staff: Times News Services

David Harry Fisher's Canadian family had no idea about the past of the convicted killer who was arrested last week 15 years after escaping from a Washington prison.

Fisher, 49, was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police Thursday afternoon following a tip from a viewer of the television series ``Unsolved Mysteries.''

He was being held by authorities in an Edmonton jail pending a deportation proceedings.

In 1970, Fisher, then 29 and married to a 16-year-old girl, was convicted of sexually molesting and killing 13-year-old Laura Lea Burbank of Tacoma. Her remains were found in Olympia three months after she disappeared.

Sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter, Fisher escaped from the state penitentiary in Walla Walla Aug. 31, 1974. Canadian authorities believe he fled to Canada within days of his escape and lived there under the alias Michael Ray Porter, with occasional trips back to Washington.

Police said Fisher's arrest shocked his Canadian wife, who knew nothing of his background. The couple have three children ages 5, 7 and 9
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Re: David Harold Fisher alias Michael Porter
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Thanks JB. Interesting how he could hide his past so well.


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Re: David Harold Fisher alias Michael Porter
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I knew David Fisher as Mike Porter during his time selling books.
I am not surprised he could have kept his past a secret.
Also he had the perfect setup for continuing to lure, rape and murder.
He mainly lived on the road, travelling all over BC and Alberta, as sales lead.
6 of 7 days a week he would drop off his team in child filled neighborhoods and then go off to who knows where.
Sometimes we stayed a day in a town, sometimes a week, rarely longer.
There were times we expected to stay for a few days, but suddenly would have to pack up and move on.
I am wondering why I can not find any thing more from the legal system on this case.


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Re: David Harold Fisher alias Michael Porter
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Welcome Lostgirl.
If you can't find anything on the Net, try the local police where you live and perhaps you can enlighten them on the info you have and as well they may have info for you. You might just have what they need to fill in some gaps.