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Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
« on: July 19, 2013, 09:42:11 AM »

RCMP solve B.C. missing persons case after 50 years

By Lindsay Jolivet | Daily Buzz – 29 minutes ago

Lucy Johnson, who went missing from her home more than 50 years ago, has been found alive in the Yukon.
The historical missing persons case of Lucy Ann Johnson is a Canadian story worthy of Murdoch Mysteries, and many questions remain unanswered.
The Surrey Leader reported Johnson's daughter, Linda Evans, found her mother alive, living in the Yukon, 52 years after her disappearance launched a murder investigation.
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The RCMP in Surrey, B.C. asked the public for tips in June about a case involving a woman who had been missing for more than half a century. The case, revived as part of the police's Missing of the Month series, involved a woman who was born in Skagway, Alaska as Lucy Carvell in 1935.
Many years later she was living in Surrey with her husband Marvin Johnson, and in 1961, police say she vanished. Lucy's husband didn't report her missing until 1965. He died in the 1990s.
"Believing she may have met with foul play, police conducted a thorough investigation into her disappearance," the RCMP account says, adding Lucy had been in touch with the Catholic Aid Society regularly before she went missing.
Police dug up the family's yard in search of evidence, the Leader reported, but they didn't find Lucy Ann there. Instead, her daughter Linda placed an advertisement in a Yukon newspaper asking for contact from anyone who might have known her mother.
She received a call from a woman who said yes, she did know her, because Lucy was her mother too. The facts are few, but Evans told media she's learned her mother, now 77, has another family.
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Evans told the Leader she wants to visit her mother and ask her the burning questions that make this story so compelling. Why did Lucy leave? Why didn't she contact anyone, even after police suspected murder?
For now, the families have asked for privacy.


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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
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just saw this on facebook and was coming here to post it! MARVELOUS!!


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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
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So glad this lady is alive after all these years.  Sorry that I posted this, not knowing it was already on here, sorry about that. But I couldn't remove it myself.


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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
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Cape I didn't check under BC headings but I did search the name and since it didn't come up in the search already, just posted it here. Perhaps it does belong under Surrey. I just wanted to make sure it was noticed in General as it's newsworthy. I won't speculate or go any further b/c these families need time to absorb the info and come together and find answers for themselves. I hope bygones will be bygones and that they can restore their bonds.


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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
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Daughter finds missing mom 52 years after she vanished

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Lucy Johnson was reported missing in May 1965, four years after she was last seen by a neighbor in Surrey, British Columbia. She has now been found alive in Yukon.

By Henry Austin, NBC News contributor

When Canadian police were told in 1965 that Alaska native Lucy Johnson had been missing for four years, investigators treated her disappearance as a murder.

Her husband, Marvin, was hauled in for questioning and officers excavated the backyard of the home they shared with their young daughter, Linda Evans, in Surrey, British Columbia.

But more than five decades since her September 1961 disappearance, Johnson has now been found alive in the Yukon.

Evans, who was only 7 or 8 at the time her mother vanished, told the Surrey Leader that she thought her mother was dead.

“I’m still walking around in shock,” she told the newspaper. “I thought she was dead because there’s been no contact. Nothing.”

She has since learned she has four new-found half-siblings – three brothers and a sister.
Her only other brother, Daniel, passed away in his teens.

“I have a lot of questions,” she said. “And they’re all ‘Whys?’”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police highlighted Johnson's cold case last month and Evans purchased ads in a newspaper in northern B.C.

She also started some research on the Internet.

"We received a phone call from a woman in the Yukon who called and claimed that she had seen the picture of the missing person in the free newspapers and said the missing person we were looking for was actually her mother,"  Cpl. Bert Paquet, spokesman for Surrey RCMP, told the Canadian Broadcasting Company. "The stars aligned, the timing was perfect."

Police confirmed that Lucy Johnson, who is now aged 77, has another family in the Yukon.

Her husband died in the late 1990s. He was initially considered a suspect because he did not inform police that she was missing until May 14, 1965.

But when the backyard dig turned up no evidence, the case went cold for almost 52 years.

RCMP officers also compared DNA samples with those from unidentified human remains held by the BC Coroner's Service.
Although she has missed out on many years with her mom, Evans said she does not bear a grudge towards Johnson, who is of First Nations descent.

“I just hope I can be part of her life,” Evans, who is saving up for a visit, told the paper. “I’ll just give her a big hug and hope the words come easy.”

Image found on the source link:


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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
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wow that is weird!


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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
« Reply #6 on: January 25, 2014, 09:05:41 PM »
The mother and daughter finally met up in October. Here is the update:

B.C. woman reunites with Yukon mom missing 52 years
'I thought she was dead all these years,' Linda Evans says of Lucy Ann Johnson, who vanished in 1961
CBC News Posted: Oct 09, 2013 6:08 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 11, 2013 9:23 AM PT

Linda Evans of Surrey, B.C., had a lot of questions racing through her mind as she sat on a recent flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse to reunite with her long-lost mother and meet her extended family.

"Would I recognize her? What would my sister look like? How I was going to be received — I didn't want to push anything on to them," Evans said in an interview with Stephen Quinn, host of CBC Radio's On The Coast.

"I was looking forward to it but, I dunno, it was just strange, knowing all this stuff. I thought she was dead all these years, and then, she's alive. And I thought: What was going through her head as well?"

Lucy Johnson was reported missing in 1961, but was recently reunited with her daughter Linda Evans of Surrey, B.C. (Family photo)

Evans was seven or eight years old when Lucy Ann Johnson, went missing in 1961. More than three years went by before police received a missing persons report. The case was treated as a homicide and the family's yard in Surrey was excavated as part of the investigation, but nothing was ever found.

When police highlighted Johnson's disappearance as a cold case this past June, Evans also took out advertisements in newspapers in northern B.C. and the Yukon, where her mother had had links. A woman in the Yukon who saw the old photo in the ad recognized the missing woman as her mother, and made contact with police and Evans, who turned out to be her half-sister.

After 52 years, recognized her 'right away'

When Evans disembarked the plane in Whitehorse last month, she saw a group of welcoming relatives — her mother, half-sister, half-brother and a couple of aunts — waiting for her outside the fenced area at the airport.

"I went downstairs, my mom grabbed me, gave me a big hug and said, 'I love you,'" Evans said.

She said her mother recognized her right away: "Oh right away, because I look quite a lot like [my half-sister] Rhonda does, like fair skin freckles. She knew it right away."

Read more about the search for Lucy Johnson
Evans gave her half-sister a big hug and the group went for coffee and a chat, though it was awkward  — at first.

"I don't think we knew how to start a conversation," Evans said.

But even without too many words to share the first day, Evans had a lot to take in as she looked at her mother's face for the first time in 52 years.

"I don't know how to describe it — it was, like, surreal because I could see my face in her face, and her eyes in my eyes."

Even though Evans said she saw a lot of herself in her mother, there was one major difference she doesn't think she could look past: "I wouldn't take off on any of my kids the way she had to."

Tough questions, difficult news

On the second day of the week-long visit, the conversation opened up and Evans got right to the point: "I asked her why she had left us.

"She told me that my dad was really abusive to her, and that he was running around with other women," Evans said. "She said that he told her to get out, and she went back to get us, but my dad said, 'You're not taking the kids' and that was the end of that. She never tried again after that."

Evans said she didn't know entirely whether to believe the explanation, or whether she thought parts of her mother's story were exaggerated.

"I just let it go. I didn't want to doubt anything she was telling me, but there was still a bit of doubt in my mind," she said. "I think I believe her, just because of the way she would look at me. She wants me to believe her."

Evans also said she had to deliver the difficult news that her brother, Johnson's first son, had died.

Contact to continue, a move possible

The visit lasted just a week, but was long enough to begin some healing and establish new relationships.

"I don't know how to describe it. We kept hugging each other, we kept crying and stuff like that. Emotional is what it is," Evans said.

Johnson now calls Evans a couple of times a week just to chat, and Evans said she is planning another trip to Whitehorse to see her mother this winter.

"I'm taking one of my grandkids with me, because she doesn't even know what they look like," she said.

Evans also said she's now thinking about how much longer her mother, who is 77 years old, will be around. She said she is seriously considering moving from Surrey to Whitehorse.

"It has changed my life, I want to go up there, like, really bad," she said. "I'd like to be with her."

Have faith

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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
« Reply #7 on: January 26, 2014, 12:12:34 PM »

This story reflects the pain that is caused by those who vanish and never look back.  It must be especially hard for the innocent children left behind.  The daughter Linda Evans certainly has a forgiving heart.  I wish them well.


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Re: Lucy Johnson, missing from Surrey for 52 years ... found
« Reply #8 on: January 26, 2014, 03:28:31 PM »
This must be a record for the longest missing person found.  There should have been some way of finding her sooner.  Social insurance no. check?  No parent should ever abandon a child like this.  Can't imagine the damage this did to the family left behind.