Author Topic: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?  (Read 4421 times)


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Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« on: June 07, 2013, 06:19:26 AM »

Police investigating 3 missing men from Church and Wellesley area
Momin Qureshi and 680News staff Jun 6, 2013 12:21:52 PM

TORONTO, Ont. – Police canvassed the Church and Wellesley area, Thursday, looking to see if there is a connection between three missing men who were all regulars in the neighbourhood. Two disappeared in late 2010 and a third in 2012.

Toronto police said the three men did not know each other. They have been identified as Majeed “Hamid” Kayhan, 58, Abdulbasir “Basir” Faizi, 44 and Skandaraj “Skanda” Navaratnam, 40 years of age.

Constable Tony Vella told 680News the first man was seen leaving a bar with an unknown man.

“At this point, we don’t know who this man is [...] The person that went missing left his dog behind, which is very unusual for him to do,” Vella said.

“[The three] have not reached out to anyone to tell them where their whereabouts are,” he added. “It’s very abnormal behaviour. No one has been in contact with them at all since their disappearance.”

Investigators have yet to figure out what happened to them and are handing out flyers with photos of the men.

Vella said these leaflets will “hopefully that will jog someone’s memory that could lead us to the whereabouts of the men.”

Foul play has not been ruled out.

Anyone with information on their disappearance is asked to contact police.


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Re: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2013, 08:57:12 AM »
The three missing men are pictured below

#1 - Majeed “Hamid” Kayhan, 58
#2 - Skandaraj “Skanda” Navaratnam, 40
#3 - Abdulbasir “Basir” Faizi, 44


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Re: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2013, 11:27:29 AM »
Thanks so much debbiec....I appreciate you posting these pictures of the missing men.

 For some of you that aren't familiar with Toronto, the area (downtown) that they disappeared from is known for where the gay men live and hang out.  I am not saying these men were gay for a fact, but I see the article does say the one man was last seen leaving a bar with another man. 
IF these three men are gay, then I wonder if someone has a thing against gay men and is murdering them.


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Re: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2013, 11:34:21 AM »

Police haven’t ruled out foul play in the disappearance of three men from the heart of Toronto’s gay community.
And without any answers into what happened, the community is on edge.
In what were originally thought to be three unconnected incidents of missing persons, police have now linked the cases of Skandaraj “Skanda” Navaratnam, 40, Abdulbasir “Basir” Faizi, 44, and 59-year-old Majeed “Hamid” Kayhan.
The men disappeared between mid-2010 and late 2012.

“People are definitely talking about it,” said the general manager at a bar on Church St. “The concern is definitely there.”
Similarities between the three middle-aged men — their ethnicity and being “active” in the Church and Wellesley area — drew police to link the cases after searching databases of missing persons.
“Typically with missing person they’re located in a short period of time,” said Const. Tony Vella. “It’s definitely an unusual case and it’s quite concerning for us.”
Navaratnam was last seen in the early hours of Sept. 6, 2010, at Zipperz, a popular gay bar in the Church and Carlton Sts. area. Police said he was seen leaving with an unknown man, whom they are now trying to identify.
In the hours prior to his disappearance, Navaratnam was with a friend at another bar he frequented before going to Zipperz alone. In a 2010 interview with Xtra magazine, a close friend said Navaratnam was a regular at the bar, along with Black Eagle and Pegasus, both located on Church near Wellesley St. E.
Navaratnam left his dog behind, which police said was very unusual for the man.
It’s unclear what drew police to search the missing persons’ databases for people fitting the same profile, but it turned up two more men who haven’t been heard from and were known to frequent the area.
Faizi was reported missing on Dec. 29, 2010, to Peel police, but was last seen in the same area as Navaratnam. Faizi’s car was found abandoned on Moore Ave.
Kayhan was reported missing by his son and was last seen on Oct. 14, 2012.
Police were in the community Thursday canvassing and handing out flyers in the hope someone would recognize one or more of the men and have information about their activity before they disappeared.
The community is vigilant about protecting one another “from those outside threats, the people who may not like who we are,” said a resident.
Detectives have been going over tips and actively working on any information received, Vella added.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police at the hotline number 416-808-5110.
With files from Kim Magi


Luka Magnotta??


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Re: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2013, 03:30:23 PM »
It sure sounds like a crime  has been committed here. It does not state if these men were living alone, with any family members. Did they work? Were they all in Canada legally?? The person seen leaving with a man, was that man possibly from the same ethnic background or was he caucasian? Not much information to go on. Hopefully the police can find out what is going on with the disappearance of these men. :o :o :o :o :o


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Re: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« Reply #5 on: December 08, 2016, 03:44:56 PM »
some kind of "ethnic" or "honor" killing by their own kind?  I don't know much about it but.....?
maybe each one deliberately disappear for his own purpose?  :-\

sad either way... I hope families can find out for sure at some point in time ... nothing more heartbreaking!


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Re: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« Reply #6 on: February 13, 2018, 05:16:03 AM »
Almost 5 years later, Long Gone....and we are finally getting some answers.


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Re: Missing Men - Toronto - 2010-2013 - Connected?
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2018, 03:45:54 PM »,4159.msg52749.html#msg52749

This man was found in a barrel and a farmer who lived near where he was found said this was the 4th victim. The barrel sounds like something McArthur would do imo.

The victim was initially from Toronto.