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This is disturbing. If you take pictures from your phone there are new apps and websites where people are tracking "local" photos and in real time can immediately map the photo, even to exactly where the pic was taken. What does this mean, it means that if you take a picture of your child, a site can post the picture of the child, map the location of the child and begin to find out where the child lives, goes to school, etc. In real time!

Everyone that has a phone should contact their phone provider and ensure that their settings are to the point that it doesn't allow this technology. I can't believe we have to be this vigilent. Where in the world is our phone companies on this that it isn't automatically turned off and protected unless we want this option. Shame on them.

For a news report on this, visit


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Re: Important - If you take pictures with your phone MUST KNOW
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I agree, shame on them!! Thanks for this info Concerned.


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Re: Important - If you take pictures with your phone MUST KNOW
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Personal robberies are on the rise, with gangs of youths being the culprits. LRT {subway stations}, bus stops and rec centres are popular places they use to attack you and rob you.  Knives are used.

Some Safety tips given by law enforcement.


While it may not be possible to prevent a personal robbery, there are some steps the public can take to minimize the risks:

Pick safe routes to get to your destination

Plan ahead, and let someone know where you are going and for how long
If you are walking after dark, take routes that are well lit and are well populated

If you?re using transit, stand or ride near others ? do not isolate yourself
If you?re driving, avoid parking in an isolated area. Park in a well-lit, highly-visible, high-traffic area
Scan the surroundings as you walk or approach or leave your vehicle and transit. If possible, walk with another person

If you?re carrying small personal electronics, like an iPod, conceal it under your clothes. These are targets for would-be thieves who can easily sell or exchange the device for drugs.
While it?s relaxing to listen to music on your device while travelling on transit, you may also make yourself vulnerable to a personal robbery from would-be thieves.

Keep your keys ready when walking to your vehicle or home, so that you can get in to your vehicle or home promptly
Lock the doors of your vehicle while you are inside. Don?t open your doors or roll down your windows if an unknown person approaches to ask you something
Keep your vehicle in good working condition, especially in winter months, to reduce the chance of breaking down and stopping
Call out for help in an emergency, and carry a cell phone with you
Report a personal robbery, or any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities to police as soon as possible

Use your best judgement if confronted with violence and your safety is at risk. Remember that your personal safety is more valuable than your vehicle, your cell phone or other personal belongings.
MRU #:18R011
Edmonton Police Service