Author Topic: Christopher McDonald - violent murderer/ Barrie  (Read 2877 times)


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Christopher McDonald - violent murderer/ Barrie
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:38:33 PM »

This is really sick -/  Check out this guys record. Even more mortifying check out our court system in this case. jb

A man with a murder conviction and with a history of violent attacks on women will likely be designated as a dangerous offender, with the chance of being reintegrated into society, a court has heard.
Where the dangerous-offender designation used to mean the offender is locked up indefinitely with no chance of parole, changes to the Criminal Code now give a judge a range of options in sentencing.In the end, it will be up to the judge to decide if the 10-year-plus-10-year sentence is enough to protect the public.
Court will hear from a psychiatrist today who will testify on whether or not it is likely for McDonald to reoffend if he were released into society.
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Re: Christopher McDonald - violent murderer/ Barrie
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I am starting to think there are more ways to protect an offender then are to protect society from them. This guy is 39 now so he would have been born in 1974. I can only imagine the things he has done and got away with.