Author Topic: Theresa Allore- 19 - Murdered- Compton, Quebec- November 3, 1978  (Read 3025 times)


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(This is a placeholder post which I will expand upon shortly. )

Theresa Allore disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Champlain College in Lennoxville, Quebec, on the night of November 3, 1978. Her partially-clad body was found in a creek after the spring thaw on April 13, 1979, in a field close to the nearby town of Compton.

Her brother John has created a very comprehensive website and blog that serves not only as a memorial to his sister, but also an in-depth examination of her case so far and the current status of the investigation into her murder:

The essentials of Theresa' story can be found at this page:

As well, John has also linked a television documentary about Theresa's case by CTV's W-5, broadcast in 2004, on his site (also available on YouTube in 5 parts):

Beyond the specifics of Theresa's case, the site is informative reading for anyone else involved in 're-heating' a cold case, and the often-frustrating process by which police go about investigating them. He's done a lot of excellent work on it; it's as wide-ranging and deep in scope as anything I've seen for any unsolved murder on the internet. I highly recommend having a look.
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Re: Theresa Allore- 19 - Murdered- Compton, Quebec- November 3, 1978
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Yes, John is working hard!!! We are all working very hard in finding clues and archives on those stories. in collaboration with Allore, Monast, Prior and we are looking forward to working with many other families as well!!!