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Bobby Jack Fowler-- HOT Killer Identified

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Police are asking for the public's assistance after identifying Bobby Jack Fowler as the killer in at least one of the highway of tears murders.

Pictures posted below-

RCMP story link- http://bc.rcmp.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=50&languageId=1&contentId=27095

The list of possible victims includes-

Colleen MacMillen (confirmed)
Gale Weys           (suspected)
Pam Darlington     (suspected)
Monica Ingas         (possibility)

The common connection seems to be hitchhiking. But, it also has to be noted that these victims were predominately white while the majority of women missing along the highway of tears were native. This may just be a subset within the entirety of the missing. Often a serial killer prefers victims of his own race. Nonetheless, one killer has been identified and many cases can now be worked from that start. The Police need our help. Think back..

The pictures of the killer may be a bit misleading; if you read the Pam Darlington thread you will see that this killer may employ disguises and change locations, vehicles, and appearance when required. 

Great news on this, that at least this man has been identified as the killer of at least on female. I hope that they can close some other cases. And the fact that he died in jail is a relief. :o :o :o :o :o :o

About the suspect: Bobby Jack Fowler

Bobby Jack Fowler, who was born and spent most of his life in the US, has an extensive violent and criminal history with convictions in several American states for crimes including, attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, sexual assault, arson, kidnapping, attempting sexual assault and firearm offenses. His last conviction was in Newport, Oregon for a1995 violent attack against a woman where he served 10 years and died of natural causes while in custody in May 2006 at the age of 66. He has no Canada criminal record.

Since we received confirmation of the DNA hit, investigators have been actively pursuing and following up on Fowler’s history and movements over the past four decades. We have met with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), contacted 31 US Law enforcement agencies and 11 State or Correctional Departments; have traveled to Washington State, Texas and Oregon, spoken to family, associates and former cellmates all in an effort to further the investigations. We have been able to create a timeline for Fowler’s movements over the past 40 years – but it is not complete. Our challenge has been determining with certainty Fowler’s history here in British Columbia.

We know that Fowler worked in the Prince George area in 1974 for a roofing company called Happy’s Roofing – a company no longer in business and their records no longer exist. While there are many things we don’t we know – what we do know is that he was transient and traveled between US states and even countries in a day. He worked odd jobs in areas like roofing and general labour. He stayed and lived in motels or rented, and liked old cars that he drove until they quit. He frequented bars and restaurants and was violent toward men and women and picked up hitch hikers.

We believe there are people out there who employed Fowler, worked with him, socialized with him or even waited on him while he was in British Columbia. We are asking you to think back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90's – and your own memories of that that time period, then have a look at his photos, and please call us with any information you may have about him.

Fowler has been eliminated from as a suspect in eight of E-PANA files, however he remains a person of interest in the remaining cases.

In particular cases such as a 19 year Gale Weys who was last seen hitchhiking from Clearwater, BC on October 16, 1973 and was found murdered 6 months later. And 19 year old Kamloops resident Pamela Darlington who was murdered and found in Pioneer Park on November 7, 1973. These are just two of the cases we are looking for connections to but we are fully open to the possibility that FOWLER committed other violent offences against women that may or may not have been reported to police.

The E-PANA tip line is active and investigators will be taking in the information and following up on it. If you have any information please call 1-877-543-4822. You can also contact Crime Stoppers in your local area.


In order to help us determine Bobby Jack Fowler’s movements we need the public’s help. We are releasing photos of Fowler over the years and a video in order to assist our efforts.   

Additional photos.

It is not known what year the second photo was taken.

Wow...that last picture hardly looks like him.  What happened?  Did he get off of the drugs or booze or both?  Says he hung around bars...


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