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Re: Chantal Kanezacek | 18 | Missing Barrie | July 14, 2012
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Is there ANY new news on Chantal? IS LE actively looking for her? I know I don't know all the details. But she texted her mother that she felt she was in danger -- that she was at risk of her life. Or maybe that was something her mother said in a desperate attempt to get LE to take her daughter's disappearance seriously. I don't know -- I'm not pointing fingers OR judging. But:  JFK, you have indicated her mom "facebooked" an update that Chantal was in touch with her ex bf. How do we know that was Chantal texting, or speaking by phone? In other words, has anyone SEEN Chantal and can vouch for her safety?
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Re: Chantal Kanezacek | 18 | Missing Barrie | July 14, 2012
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I thought I would post this story since it explains more about the circumstances surrounding Chantel's disappearance. I hope the mother is able to describe the guy for a drawing - has this happened? You just never know when and if that would ever come in handy. Even if Chantel thought it best that she and the guy go elsewhere, it does not explain why Chantel has not remained in contact with her family. It would seem to me the police would be able to easily trace where this young girl is if she was working, living, eating, banking, etc anywhere under normal circumstances. And, when they find her let her explain whether or not she is safe and at will. Let her talk to her family, uninhibited. Make sure she is not holding some form of fear or brainwashed idea....

Barrie mom fears for missing daughter
Missing Barrie girl seen in Sturgeon Falls

The original Barrier Police Service listing:
Anyone with information can call Barrie police at 705-725-7025.

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Re: Chantal Kanezacek | 18 | Missing Barrie | July 14, 2012
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Can anyone confirm a SIGHTING of Chantal alive and well? I looked at her model mayhem listing today; it indicates she's 20, but the site may have automatic updates. I can't say if the photos there would be from earlier or if recently shot. Her facebook link on the site doesn't seem to work. WHO is checking up to make sure Chantal IS ok? One photog on the MM site posted in May 2014: "miss you my friend." I wish there were some way to know someone has seen her and that she's away of her own volition. I'm so worried; Indigenous girls and women are statistically at greater risk of violence in this country than other groups. Does anyone have some happy confirmation about Chantal -- some good news that can confirm she is alive and well?

Thanks, Concerned, for posting that earlier article -- it reminds us not to forget about Chantal!

Postnote: her profile at **** NOT been updated. Although the model info indicates she's 20, her user info profile states she's 18. This probably means there's an auto-updater in one section only. If Chantal isn't using these modelling sites, is she modelling elsewhere? What is she doing? Again, who is following up? Has LE confirmed she is alive and well?

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Re: Chantal Kanezacek | 18 | Missing Barrie | July 14, 2012
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I a wondering, that since there is nothing more from police, that she has contacted her family, and that is okay.  Cops don't have the time to go chasing after someone, if No formal Missing Persons Report has filed.  They will give an initial look out on the alert for her, but without the MPR their hands are tied.

She is 18 therefore she is legally considered to be an adult.
{I think she has another thread on this site) - not sure.
I recall a video of her mother giving more detail.  She did meet Dion, he was waiting for Chantelle, if my memory serves me right.

The mother should make another appeal to the public to confirm that her daughter is still missing.  The last updates on this was in 2012.

I have found that at times, when a person is located, no one steps forward and says so.
They just leave the sites of appeal up on the internet and go merrily along their way.

A little word posted on this site by someone who knows (a relative perhaps?) would be greatly appreciated.

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