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Re: Brandy Bowman |2| Bridgewater - April 17, 2001
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I agree that someone should make the information available to police but I do understand your position also Besani. What a very sad situation; at least the little darling can rest in peace.
Several things didn't sound right and I was thinking as I was reading that the "stage had been set" to show a fall down the stairs. How far did the mom drive to work? She checked in supposedly on little Brandy before she left for work and when she shortly arrived, she already had notice something was wrong. Iirc, with shaken baby syndrome, things don't develop that fast to put a child in the state that Brandy was in when rushed to the hospital. Most often the children were quiet after such a shaking and parents assume they are ok until the child does not "awaken" when they are expected to. Perhaps the police and others involved in the case had those questions as well but not enough proof that perhaps the damage was done by other than the man accused.


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Re: Brandy Bowman |2| Bridgewater - April 17, 2001
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I am thinking this Baby will remain on any ones consense that knows anything about her death JMO