Author Topic: Rose Marie Riccardi or Rose Marie Lambert - looking for - missing since 2009  (Read 5275 times)


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My Aunt, Rose Marie Riccardi or could be using aliases such as Rose Marie Lambert has been missing since 2009 from Windsor, Ontario.  I am desperate to know if she is okay.  If anyone knows of her whereabouts or how to help me on my search further, I would greatly appreciate your help.  She disappeared  with a man unknown to the family and not known to her for long named David - a man she met on the Internet who we found out went by many names and I personally believe my Aunt was sufferiang from some kind of mental illness as this behaviour was not her norm.  Thank you for any assistance.  It would truly be appreciated.  Myself and her family just want to know if she is okay.


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I'm sorry to hear about your aunt's disappearance.
Do you have any pictures of her ? or the man she was with?
What web site did she meet him on and where is he from?


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Has Rose been reported missing to the police?  If not that should most certainly be done.  Any other info such as the site she met this guy on and any names he goes by would be a help.  How long did she date or know him before she dissapeared.  what is it that makes you think she dissappeared around meeting this guy?  Any info would help. We can all try to help?


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Lookingfor Rose; So many questions.  can you tell us a bit about her?  Does she have children? :Likely the name Dave is a false one.  What do the police say?
Did Rose leave for periods of time without contact, or was she always in contact with her family and loved ones?
2009 is a long time to be missing - what if anything are the police doing to locate Rose?
Gosh, what a tortured place you are in.
Please respond to us.

Take care just for today,