Author Topic: Cold Case Murder...Nutana (Saskatoon)...Webster Reese 1910  (Read 3440 times)

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Cold Case Murder...Nutana (Saskatoon)...Webster Reese 1910
« on: March 31, 2012, 02:51:39 PM »
Webster Reese born 1877 in Pennsylvania and to Saskatchewan via North Dakota 1902-1904. Webster was murdered in 1910 and the only remains found was a special belt buckle. This murder would have taken place in the first nine months of 1910 and the remains were apparently found in the ashes from a railway stove.

Some history...Webster was married to Ida Heipel before 1906 and had 2 daughters, the last born in Nutana in 1908. Have photo's with the 2 daughters taken by a Saskatoon photographer in December 1909 or  January 1910. Wife Ida was back in Fort Frances, Ontario in late 1910 living with new husband and the daughters. Marriage certificate states "no living husband".

Very strange that no death record seems to be available in Saskatchewan and there does not appear to be a newspaper account of the same. In addition no burial site was found for the remains. An event like this would have attracted attention and even in 1910 a death certificate would have been necessary.

Looking for even the slighest little clue that will help solve this murder.



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Re: Cold Case Murder...Nutana (Saskatoon)...Webster Reese 1910
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Marcus, perhaps Cpl Pillay could be of assistance here. He is with historical cases. Wish you much luck.


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Re: Cold Case Murder...Nutana (Saskatoon)...Webster Reese 1910
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I just thought I would throw this out there. A lot of burial place during this time were just in the middle of no where and someones land. My great  grandpa is on some old home stead. I used to live on a ranch and a lot of graves are there. But the markers are no longer there. Not sure if the family of this guy would do that or not.