Author Topic: Nadine ROBINSON - CREARY - 36 - Murdered - July 20, 2006 - Edmonton, AB  (Read 5378 times)


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It has been a year now since Nadine was slain. Her family is honoring her memory. May justice come soon, and the killer be caught. This family needs closure.

R.I.P. Nadine  :'(

Nadine Robinson-Creary has helped unite her community ? a year after she was murdered.

The Edmonton woman, who was active in her church, had always wanted to organize a community event.

So relatives held a barbecue at the Beulah Church of Jesus Christ Saturday afternoon in honour of the slain nurse, said her brother, Kevin Robinson.

?We?re just following through on what she wanted to do? Kevin said. ?Even in her death she helps us be better people.?

Robinson-Creary, 36, was found dead in her home on July 20, 2006.

Her murder is unsolved and police have never released a cause of death, even to her family.

Robinson-Creary?s best friend, Ingrid Woolaston, said it is frustrating and upsetting not to know who killed her or how she died.

Robinson-Creary had reconciled with her husband, Wayne Creary, shortly before she died.

The two had been separated for 13 years after just over a year of marriage.

Creary told the Sun in an interview last summer that he had nothing to do with his wife?s death.

Kevin, 25, said he hasn?t spoken with Creary in months but wouldn?t make an issue of his presence if he decided to come to the barbecue.

Father Vinton Robinson disagreed, saying he would not welcome Creary to the event.

The family is certain that Robinson-Creary?s murder will be solved but Kevin said he will not have closure until that time.

?I know it?s going to be (solved). It?s just a matter of time,? said Kevin.

?It?s not that big of a mystery,? said Vinton. ?They just don?t have all the necessary evidence.?

Family, friends and co-workers described Robinson-Creary as a quiet, compassionate and kind woman.

?You just wanted to be around her,? said Woolaston, adding that Robinson-Creary possessed a sweetness that was contagious.

Her mother, Antoinette Robinson, said she never had to worry about her younger children when Nadine, older than her siblings by more than a decade, was taking care of them.

?She called her youngest sister, (Kendra), her baby,? she said.

Kendra, 20, said the family might make the community barbecue an annual event in memory of Robinson-Creary. [


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Re: Nadine ROBINSON - CREARY - 36 - Murdered - July 20, 2006 - Edmonton, AB
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Re: Nadine ROBINSON - CREARY - 36 - Murdered - July 20, 2006 - Edmonton, AB
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The article above states that Nadine's off and on again husband and his son have not been seen since the funeral. Suspicious that they should go underground isn't it? Was he also the father of her son?
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Accused Calgary kidnapper questioned in 2006 slaying

Edmonton Police Service photo of Kemol Delano Creary

A city man captured in Calgary last week for kidnapping his ex-girlfriend is now being questioned by Edmonton homicide detectives in connection to the unsolved 2006 slaying of his stepmother.

Last Thursday, Calgary police arrested and charged Kemol Delano Creary with a number of offences, including forcible confinement with a firearm and possession over $5,000. More charges ranging from kidnapping, assault, and dangerous driving, to breach of an emergency protection order and criminal flight were also laid by Edmonton police.

Kemol is the stepson of Nadine Robinson-Creary, who he and Nadine's brother found slain inside her townhouse near 139 Avenue and 32 Street in July 2006. The cause of death has never been released and her killer has yet to be brought to justice.

Born in Jamaica, the 36-year-old came to Canada when she was 13 and later became a nurse, working at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. She had reconciled with her estranged husband, Wayne Creary, a year prior to her death, following a 13-year separation.

The family recently told the Sun they have not heard from Wayne or Kemol since her funeral.

The recent police incident involving Kemol began on July 20 when Edmonton cops received a report of a kidnapping and assault of a 23-year-old woman after she was dropped off at home from work in the early morning hours.

The woman fought back and escaped while a witness called police. But the accused took off in a stolen vehicle, chasing the witness and victim.

Edmonton city police were lead on a high-speed chase, reaching 140 km/hr at times, before the vehicle collided with a power box then parked in the Whyte Avenue area. The driver later abandoned the vehicle and blended into pedestrian traffic along the avenue, prompting police to later issue warrants for his arrest.

A few days later, police said the accused drove a stolen vehicle to a woman's home in Calgary, produced a weapon and demanded she make contact with the original kidnapping target. The woman complied and made contact with the female to arrange a meeting, but she declined the offer.

The next day the Calgary woman called the kidnapping victim and advised her that her ex had a weapon and was looking for her. The woman also reported the incident to Calgary police, who later made the suspect arrest at a bus stop.

The investigation continues.



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Complete list of charges for Kemol. He also looks good for the murder of his stepmom imo.

Possession over $5,000
Uttering threats
Forcible confinement with a firearm
Unsafe storage of a firearm
Possession of prohibited firearm
Possession of a firearm with ammunition
Criminal hit and run
Dangerous driving
Driving while suspended(x2)
Criminal flight
Breach of emergency protection order(x2)
Possession of stolen property over $5,000
Theft over $5,000Breach of recognizance (x4)


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The article above states that Nadine's off and on again husband and his son have not been seen since the funeral. Suspicious that they should go underground isn't it? Was he also the father of her son?

Yes Wayne was also the father of Nadine's young son. Wayne's oldest son was real bad news even as a teen.


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Well, well - it took another crime to catch up with this guy's involvement in Nadine's murder.

Violent people are most likely to get caught eventually, since they cannot change their behavior. Unfortunately, it is often at the expense of another victim.

I hope his ex girlfriend is alright.



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I'm sure police have had their sights on him from day one. That this thug was with Nadine's brother on that fateful day was the beginning of his "cover" alibi. There are several people who had some extremely good circumstantial evidence to give police as well. Just not enough for a slam dunk.
I knew Nadine personally and she was definitely all of what people say about her ... just an all around wonderful Christian person. She tried to reconcile and make her marriage work and only got taken advantage of. She was the only one in that relationship who tried hard to make it work! I so wish she had listened to her family.

I read somewhere that this thug only spent a year in jail for his other crimes. Nothing further on Nadine's murder.