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Graham James
« on: March 20, 2012, 04:39:45 PM »
Pedophile Graham James who molested children that played hockey, has been sentenced to 2 years.  Who writes these laws?  What is wrong with this judge?  How can any normal human being feel that a 2 year sentence is sufficient for a monster that raped children?  Let's hope he gets real justice in jail.
We must watch our children closely.  Evidently it's ok to abuse children in Canada.  The courts will only give them 2 years.  This is nothing to fear.  He will be out in 6 months for good behaviour (no kids to rape in the jail right?).  If we don't hover and watch our own kids, obviously someone else will.  It's  a sad day in this country, when we realize people who are supposed to be checked out, referenced, and safe to leave our kids with, can rape our kids and get away with it.  I'm amazed Graham James' victims haven't taken care of him, now that they aren't kids any more. 


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Re: Graham James
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2012, 02:42:23 AM »
The story about Graham James broke when I was still a kid and playing hockey. To say that it changed everyone's view of things would be an understatement but that is nothing compared to what those young men faced with this predatory individual. I read where he said that, about Theo Flury and Sheldon Kennedy, he wanted the best or them and considered them friends - but was sad that they did not consider the same of him because of what he had done. All about you, eh, Graham? Poor man, you don't have friends because you're a sicko.

Dude got a JOB while he was back in Canada? Big frigging deal. I have a job. I also do not prey on anyone, let alone kids, let alone kids I am in a position of trust me. He came back from Mexico to face the charges? Big frigging deal again. Likely because he didn't want to face any sort of "justice" down there. I here it can be swift.

I listened, with great intent, to the segments that Theo Fleury did on CBC's 'The Current' and it was gut wrenching by times. As was his tell all book, which I commend him for writing - not for literary content, but for speaking out. The mere fact that Theo is alive today is a testament to intestinal fortitude and determination, also of love. Stay strong, Theo, I have always been a fan of yours.

I hope Graham James is followed by this for the rest of his days. The judge stated that, in light of the humiliation that Graham James was subjected to she had to consider a lesser sentence. Seriously? You can't make that shit up. His humiliation? Man, I almost spit coffee on the computer screen when I read that.

I am shocked that someone who worked on cases of residential schools could make such a foolhardy decision about someone who is quite likely to reoffend. And we're not talking about one case here, either, we are talking about several victims, most of whom till suffer today.



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Re: Graham James
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2012, 04:25:00 AM »
What about the humiliation Fleury (and his cousin) suffered?  Dear me, here we go again, the Victims get to see the Perp just get a slap on his hand....2 years isn't good enough.  I hate to say it but I hope the boys in jail give him a hard time. 

My son played JuniorA Hockey, and recently just read Fleury's book (not a reader, unless it's about his beloved Hockey Idols).  I shall have to see what he thinks of Graham's sentence.

I cannot begin to think of what James was doing in Mexico to those kids....once a Pedophile, always a Pedophile.

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Re: Graham James
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2012, 09:37:28 AM »
So awful. 2 years but he is probably going to get time served and they are saying he is going to be out before Xmas. I am sorry? WTF, is that.

He stole their lives. It took them almost half their lives to rebuild what they had lost, and who knows how many other victims this sick bastard has. I can't believe how easy the judge went on him (and to know she is involved with the residential school stuff, Nish is very sicking to me) as he did not go easy on those boys. It should of been the max sentence in my opinion. But as Theo has told us, this man is a twister of words and he knows how to sell himself and he did a good job with it.

Someone that Theo retwitted said, "Sex offenders should get a minimum of 18 years as that is the average length of a childhood." I agree with that completely. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I feel that is a REAL sentence. Not this two years, and then time served crap. It totally undermines the horrors us survivors had to endure, just because we survived we should be thankful we are not dead. Well, Canadian justice system a lot of us who don't survive often end up worst than dead.