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Victoria Lynn YOUNKER - Unsolved Murder - Mission BC 1995


Name: Victoria Lynn YOUNKER
(aka: Nicole JOHNSON or Nicole JOSEPH)
(nee: LAHAM)

Location: near Mission, British Columbia (BC)

Details: On Saturday, October 21st, 1995, the nude and partially decomposed body of 35 year old Victoria YOUNKER was located approximately 36 kilometres north of Lougheed Highway #7, on Sylvester Road, near Mission, BC. Victoria?s body was found laying some 25 feet down an embankment at the dead end of the logging spur road.

Victoria was a Street Trade Worker and also engaged in petty thefts to support her drug habit. She routinely worked the Vancouver downtown eastside area primarily between Main Street and Victoria Drive. Several pieces of her identification were later discovered in a dumpster, near the Vernon Rooms Hotel, 300 Vernon St., Vancouver, BC.

Investigation and evidence at the scene revealed Victoria?s death occurred at least thirty (30) days prior to the body discovery. Victoria was last seen on Monday, September 11th, 1995, at Ministry offices 666 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC. Victoria also failed to pick up her social assistance cheque on September 25th, 1995.

Contact: If you have any information about this case, please contact:

Sgt. Ed STADNIK, RCMP Missing Women Task Force
604-598-4327 or 1-877-687-3377, or
Crime Stoppers
604-669-8477 or 1-800-222-8477, or
File: Mission Detachment File: 1995 - 15144
RCMP Headquarters File: 2004 - 1284

That person is suspected of  3 murders? Is that not a serial killer?


Victoria Younker.


RCMP seeking serial killer for 1995 deaths in B.C.
RCMP said investigators have ruled out Robert Pickton as the women’s killer but said whoever is responsible may have been convicted of other crimes.

By: Petti Fong Western Canada, Published on Wed Nov 03 2010
VANCOUVER—A serial killer who disposed of the bodies of three women in remote areas east of Vancouver may be dead or already in jail.
The RCMP confirmed this week that they are looking for a serial killer after finding similarities in the cases of three victims whose bodies were discovered within two months of each other near the same area in 1995.
Staff Sergeant John Cater with the RCMP said investigators have ruled out Robert Pickton as the women’s killer but said whoever is responsible may have been convicted of other crimes.
Pickton is Canada’s most prolific convicted serial killer. He was charged with killing 26 women and convicted of second degree murder in six of those charges in 2007.
The Supreme Court of Canada earlier this year rejected his bid for a new trial. Pickton is serving a sentence of 25 years without possibility of parole.
The three victims were all living and working in the same area as Pickton’s victims — in Vancouver’s working class Downtown Eastside.
Pickton was linked to dozens of women who went missing from the area starting in the 1980s. The disappearances continued until shortly before Pickton was arrested in 2002.
“Pickton has been excluded of being responsible for these murders,” said Cater Tuesday. “There is no connection whatsoever.”
Cater said the three victims were killed shortly before their bodies were discovered in the fall of 1995 and police have made appeals before for information.
The RCMP released photos of some of the forensic evidence they have found at the crime scene along with more details to try and get more tips coming in.
It appears to be working. Cater said Tuesday that police have been getting tips since making a public appeal Monday.
“We have been successful in tracking down all sorts of people who could be responsible. The suspect could be deceased, in jail doing long-term crime or could have left the area,” Cater said. “We’re hopeful now on the 15th anniversary that someone will come forward with information.”
Tracy Fadola Olajide was the first victim to be found. The 30-year-old Olajide was working in the Downtown Eastside as a sex trade worker and was addicted to crack cocaine and the mother of one child. Her body was discovered on a logging road on Aug. 12.
Two weeks later, the body of Tammy Lee Pipe, a 24-year-old who was known to give money and clothing to the poor and supported her cocaine habit by working as a sex trade worker in the Downtown Eastside, was found in a remote wooded area in the same area. One month later, the body of Victoria Lynn Younker, 35, who was also a sex trade worker and drug addict, was found laying in the embankment at the dead end of a logging road in the same area.
Simon Fraser University criminologist Rob Gordon said Tuesday that since Pickton was arrested there were theories that the former pig farmer from Port Coquitlam did not commit the murders by himself.
The bodies of the three victims were left out in the open likely to decompose, said Gordon. That difference with Pickton’s victims, whose bodies had been disposed of in a rendering plant on the farm, is the strongest indication that police are looking at another serial killer.
Gordon said Tuesday that the RCMP are dealing with a very tough investigation. Pickton continued his killing spree until just before he was caught. With this serial killer, Gordon said police have three victims killed 15 years ago and nothing since.
“The chances of the police being able to identify the person responsible is frankly zero,” said Gordon. “The trail is obviously stone cold.”


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