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Crime Stoppers is requesting your assistance in solving a fatal Hit and Run that occurred in Summerside, Bay of Islands.

On the evening of November 20th, 1996, at approximately 8:00 p.m., Cecilia Antle of Summerside was located laying on the North side of the highway in the vicinity of the United Church in the community of Summerside. She was taken to Western Memorial Hospital in Corner Brook where Mrs. Antle passed away later that evening. It appeared, initially, that Mrs. Antle fell to the ground due to an illness; however, further investigations led the Police to believe Mrs. Antle was struck by a hit and run vehicle.

At this time, the Police are requesting the assistance of the general public in solving this case. Crime Stoppers would like to hear from anyone who might have seen any vehicle in the area at the time of the accident or with anyone familiar with any vehicle in the area receiving unexpected repairs.

Should you have any information on the person responsible or the vehicle involved in this incident, please call Crime Stoppers immediately.

Call Crime Stoppers toll free, 1-800-363-TIPS (that's 1-800-363-8477)

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Family asks residents for help

Mother killed in 1996 hit-and-run accident

will rest in peace if mystery is solved, they say

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CORNERBROOK-A billboard erected at the north end of Ballam Bridge is a constant reminder of the hit-and-run accident that killed Cecilia Antle.
The Corner Brook-Bay of Islands-Humber Valley branch of Crime Stoppers decided to have the billboard erected with hopes of gathering new information that could help solve the mystery surrounding the death of the south shore Bay of Islands woman.
The billboard has a picture of Mrs. Antler and a message that asks the public to call Crime Stoppers with any information
that could help solve the case.
"Putting up billboards is something new for us, but we're willing to go to great lengths to help solve any crime," Bruce LeDrew, a director with the local
Crime Stoppers branch. said Thursday during the unveiling.

Mrs. Antle was found on the North Shore Highway, in the community of Irishtown- Summerside, on Nov. 20, 1996.
The doctor who treated her determined she died of natural causes and noted this on the
death certificate. But after much controversy over the cause of death, Mrs. Antle's body was exhumed.
A forensic pathologist confirmed that the cause of death was indeed a direct result of
injuries sustained from a hit and run. LeDrew said the idea to erect the sign came after two unnamed parties attended a general meeting of Crime Stoppers and requested the sign be erected to keep the case active. "We're more than willing to lend a helping hand," Le Drew said."Hopefully the constant
reminder of the billboard will jog memories and develop more tips so we can see the case solved."

Members of the Antle family,Crime Stoppers board members,and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police attended the unveiling ceremony.
Lawrence Antle, Mrs. Antle's son,'said the billboard was a great idea and he hoped it wouldhelp solve the case."I'm surprised nobody saw was early in the evening with a fair bit of traffic and people out walking," he said. "Maybe the billboard will be the key to giving us the answers
we're looking for."I just want it solved so my mother can rest in peace," he added. Mrs. Antle's daughter Clara Parsons said she appreciated
everything that was being done to solve the case."This can only help; it can't do any harm," she said. "Maybe somebody will come forward
with the information needed to put it to rest."

Constable Guy Dimitroff said the RCMP has been following some new tips that have surface over the past couple of days, and noted that the force is still actively following some older tips. "Hopefully the billboard Will remind people of the fatal hit-and-run accident on Nov. 20 1996," Const. Dimitroff said
"We're hoping the tips will continue to flow in and help us solver the case.?'

The billboard was designed by Mei Woodman Jr. of Trimline.Students from AcademyCanada's heavy equipment operations program at Wild Cove erected the billboard, while Everett Hann of Hickmar Building Centre donated supplies.
Anyone with any information concerning Mrs. Antle's death
can call 1-800-363-TIPS

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This is a picture of the billboard that was put up.