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2 slain in farmhouse

Windsor fugitive sought; police warn people to keep an eye out for a stolen silver GMC Sierra pickup.

As horses graze on a neighbouring farm, police investigate a farmhouse where two elderly people were found slain yesterday on Bronson Line, between Dashwood and Mount Carmel in South Huron. (DEREK RUTTAN, Sun Media)
MOUNT CARMEL -- Two elderly people, believed to be husband and wife, were found slain in a farmhouse near here yesterday, in an area police had just scoured for a man wanted in a Windsor slaying.

The grisly find -- sources said the two were tied up and killed -- brought dozens of police back to Huron County, where the OPP late Saturday had called off a manhunt for Jesse Norman Imeson, 22.

Yesterday's discovery also reignited the police search for Imeson and drove some neighbours, fearful for their safety, from their homes in the rural area, between Dashwood and Mount Carmel in South Huron.

Jim Dietrich, a South Huron councillor who lives in the area, said his 88-year-old mother had moved in with him for the night out of fear.

"I'm nervous and I am nervous for the people around. It is a pretty tight community and it really is scary," he said.

Police hadn't identified the two Huron victims, but their bodies were found at the home of Bill and Helena Regier, a farm couple in their 70s.

Bill Regier had retired as janitor of the elementary school in Mount Carmel.

"The terrible thing about this, this couple would never hurt a fly," said a neighbour.

Yesterday, in the aftermath of the Huron slayings, Windsor police and the OPP were were again on the hunt for Imeson, and warning people to keep an eye out for a stolen pickup truck -- a grey GMC Sierra, with licence plate JK8344 -- belonging to Bill Regier.

Imeson is "a person of interest" in the Mount Carmel slaying, said OPP Const. Jeff Walraven, who stopped short of saying he was a suspect.

"He is not the whole focus," Walraven said.

Last night, police blocked off a two-kilometre stretch of Bronson north of Mount Carmel, as more than a dozen officers swarmed the farmhouse.

Days earlier, on Friday, a car belonging to Carlos Rivera, a bartender at a gay strip club in Windsor, turned up abandoned in Grand Bend, where Imeson was captured on videotape from a local bar. Rivera's body was found strangled to death on Thursday.

The body was found in Imeson's Windsor apartment, prompting the manhunt for him on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Yesterday, police also hinted there may be a link between the Huron slayings and guns and ammunition stolen Sunday -- the same day the pickup went missing -- from another Huron home, not far from the Bronson Line house where the bodies were found.

"We consider the person may very well be armed and dangerous," said Windsor police Supt. Dave Pickford.

Two long guns, a rifle and shotgun, and shotgun ammo, were stolen from a home on Babylon Line, in Bluewater.

Imeson is still being sought on a Canada-wide warrant, said Det. Gord Wilson of Windsor police.

In Huron County, meanwhile, police urged vigilance on the part of area residents.

"Neighbours, especially be aware of your neighbours, be aware of those individuals who would be suspicious," said Walraven.

"Lock your vehicles, lock your homes," he said.

Rivera, 26, was reported missing by friends last Wednesday.

It appears he was strangled to death, Wilson said, referring to results of an autopsy Saturday in London.

Rivera was last seen Wednesday in his own car, being driven by Imeson.

Police said surveillance footage from Gables, a Main Street bar and motel in Grand Bend, showed Imeson talking with another man, who wore a dark ball cap and white shirt. Investigators are trying to find the man.

"Our greatest concern right now is Mr. Imeson is on the loose and he is a risk to the public and we're working with the OPP to try to locate him," said Insp. Greg Renaud of Windsor police.

Imeson is described as six- foot-one, 200 pounds, with short -- almost shaved -- brown hair, brown eyes and numerous tattoos on his arms.

A public alert remains in effect, said Sgt. Dave Rektor of the OPP's Western Region.

"We're advising the public to be very cautious in their encounters and very vigilant in locking the doors to their homes and vehicles."

Rektor said it was too early in the double homicide probe to make definitive statements.

"We're going to follow the evidence to where it leads us," he said.

Some area residents were taking no chances, packing up to leave immediately.

"I'm feeling a lot of fear at this moment . . . you never think this is going to happen in your community," said Derek Lorentz, who lives on Bronson north of the crime scene.


Police search north of Mount Carmel Drive between Ausable Line and Parr Line

Thursday: The body of Carlos Rivera, 26, of LaSalle is found in the Windsor apartment of Jesse Imeson, 22. Rivera is last seen in his silver, two-door Honda Civic that was being driven by Imeson, for whom a police manhunt begins.

Friday: Rivera's car is found in Grand Bend. Surveillance video at Gables, a Main Street bar, shows Imeson talking with an unidentified man sometime between Wednesday and Friday.

Saturday: Dozens of OPP officers search for Imeson in an area of South Huron.

Yesterday: The bodies of two people are found in a farmhouse on Bronson Line between Mount Carmel and Dashwood. A stolen silver 2006 GMC Sierra pickup with licence plate JK8334 is sought.
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Re: Bill and Helena Regier - Unsolved Murder - South Huron (July 2007)
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 >:( Not from what I have found so far. Again, it is vulnerable elders, who are targetted, perhaps for their vehicle.Can it get any sicker? ??? ??? :'(


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Re: Bill and Helena Regier - Unsolved Murder - South Huron (July 2007)
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Jessie Imerson was arrested July 31 2007 just on the other side of the Ontario/Quebec boarder.


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Re: Bill and Helena Regier - Unsolved Murder - South Huron (July 2007)
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That is terrific! Thanks for the update!


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Re: Bill and Helena Regier - Unsolved Murder - South Huron (July 2007)
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Jesse Imeson pleaded guilty to  2nd degree murder last week. 25 yrs with no chance of parole


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Re: Bill and Helena Regier - Unsolved Murder - South Huron (July 2007)
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Praise be..wonderful news...another bad guy off the streets and case closed. This is just great news.