Author Topic: Blair Adams of Surrey, BC found murdered in Knoxville, TN on July 11th, 1996.  (Read 4004 times)


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31 year old Blair Adams was a Canadian resident who was found dead in the parking lot of a Knoxville, Tennessee hotel in July of 1996. Scattered around his body was almost $4000 in mixed Canadian, American and German currency. His death was later discovered caused by a blow to the stomach. His friends and family would like to know the events that resulted in his death. Authorities found that in the days before Blair's death, he acted very strange, claiming that people were trying to kill him, and traveled thousands of miles before arriving in Knoxville. First, on July 5, 1996, he took out all of his money in his savings account, along with thousands of dollars in jewelry, gold, etc. He went to the Canadian-American border, but was denied crossing the border because he was a single man with a large amount of money, which fit the profile of a drug trafficker. The next day, he arrived at his work at a construction company in Surrey, British Columbia and quit his job. He then bought a round trip to Germany, but then went to a friend's house. He said that he needed to get across the border because somebody was trying to kill him, but she was unable to help. Then, the next day, he turned in his Germany tickets, rented a car, and then was able to get through the border and went to Seattle. He bought a one-way ticket to Washington, D.C., and after arriving there went to Knoxville. He arrived at a gas station at 5:30pm and told the attendant that his car couldn't start and the attendant told him that they weren't the keys, so he was stranded in Knoxville. He then hitchhiked to a hotel and made a lasting impression on the manager. He went in and out of the lobby a total of five times before renting a room, but he then went out of the hotel and was never seen alive again. Twelve hours later, Blair's body, who was naked from the waist down, was found in the parking lot. Blair's odyssey had came to a violent end, and although authorities believe that the danger he though he was in was imaginary, but he still ended up murdered, just as he had feared. To this day, Blair's mysterious case remains unsolved, but his family hopes that one day somebody will tell them why he died.
Suspects: None known
Extra Notes: This segment first ran on Unsolved Mysteries in the April 18, 1997 episode.
Results: Unsolved
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If anyone has any information that could help solve this case, please call your local authorities immediately!


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It looks like Blair Adams was right all along.
Someone was after him.



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I believe that Blair was schizophrenic and placed himself in danger and nobody was after him to kill him. I believe it was all in his mind. And if he was targetted,  no money or things wouldhave been found with him. And why was he naked, he could have put himself in a dangerous situation, don't get this at all, I believe he was a sick man.