Author Topic: Cpl. Alexander G. Haddock - MISSING - Stewart River, Yukon - June 14, 1906  (Read 2157 times)


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Cpl. Alexander G. Haddock

Regimental No. 2836

Date of Disappearance: June 14, 1906

Location of Disappearance: Stewart River, cut off five miles north of Ogilvie, Yukon

Age At Time of Disappearance: 45 Years

Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland

Haddock and another constable were travelling up river to bring in a trapper who was "charged with being insane".

The stern of the canoe in which they used hit a submerged log throwing both men into the frigid water. Haddock, who could not swim, clung to the canoe. The other officer told Haddock to grab on to his slicker and he would swim the both of them to safety. Haddock came off the canoe but missed grabbing the officer's slicker. He disappeared underneath the water and never came up. The officer dove in after him but could not locate Haddock. Haddock's body was never recovered.

Background: Haddock was born in Belfast, Ireland and worked as clerk until age 16. He immigrated to Canada where he served as both a soldier and an constable of the North-West Mounted Police. He served with the Canadian Dragoons for 14 years.

He joined the NWMP out of Regina, Saskatchewan in 1892, serving forthree years. He returned to Ireland for four years.

He travelled back to Canada and re-engaged with the NWMP from 1898 - 1901. In 1900 he took leave to serve in the Boer War in South Africa with the Canadian Mounted Rifles.