Author Topic: Spc Cst. Stick Sam - MISSING - Kaskawulsh River, Yukon - July 29, 1903  (Read 2085 times)


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Special Cst. Stick Sam

Regimental No. Unknown

Date of Disappearance: July 29, 1903

Location of Disappearance: Kaskawulsh River, Yukon

Age At Time of Disappearance: Possibly early 30's

Sam was accompanied by two other officers on horse, Inspector A. McDonell and Constable W.J. Provas. Sam was the second person to cross the river but found his horse was in swimming water. He pulled on the reigns to keep his horse's head up. He pulled too hard causing his horse to tip over, throwing him off before falling on him. He surfaced only to make a few hard strokes and disappeared under the surface. A search was made but his body was never recovered.

Background: At the time of his death, Stick Sam had a wife and daughter.
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