Author Topic: Recruit Const. Adam Wahl - MISSING - May 25, 1882 - Missouri River, Montana  (Read 2401 times)


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Recruit Constable Adam Wahl

Regimental No. Not issued

Date of Disappearnce: May 25, 1882

Location of Disappearnce: Off the steamship "Red Cloud" while on the Missouri River, Montana

Adam Wahl of the NWMP was travelling to Fort Walsh, North-West Territories with a group of fresh North-West Mounted Police recruits underthe supervision ofSenior Surgeon Jukes. It was while they were on the steamship "Red Cloud" (which had embarked from Bismarck), that Wahl fell overboard in a dangerous and rapid part ofthe Missouri River. His body was not located.


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1882?  Wow... that's a long time ago.  I doubt he's been able to tread water all this time.

We may have to get Scooby and Shaggy out of retirement for this one.


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The thing is his remains are still out there.

One day they'll be found and the police will be stumped at who it might be.

If someone in British Columbia can find the remains on a beach of someone missing for 200 years then I am sure just over 100 years for this man will be easy.