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Sub-Const. George Mahoney

Regimental No. 409

Date of Dsiappearnce: June 19, 1877

Location of Disappearance: Red Deer River, Battleford, North-West Territories at the bank of the South Saskatchewan

Physical Description: 6'0", roughly 200 lbs.

A number of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) were travelling from Battleford towards Fort Walsh.
Mahoney and a mixed-blood scout were occupying a horse-driven supply wagon. At the bank of the South Saskatchewan, the teamsters found the river too deep to attempt a crossing. They decidedto use a flat boat for the wagon. The boat tipped in mid-stream sending the wagon, horses and mahoney with his companion into the river. The section of the river they fell into was fairly shallow but the scout discovered the bottom was quicksand.

The companion was able to swim to shore but Mahoney, being a bigger man, became stuck fast. The more he struggled, the faster he continued to sink. The scout could not find a rope or branch in which to rescue Mahoneyand watched helplessly.

Mahoney attempted to lighten himself by stripping to his waist, throwing offhis clothing, his revolver and gun belt.

After several hours, the water reached Mahoney's shoulders. Mahoney called out a verbal will to the scout. In his last moments, Mahoney uttered a prayer as he raised his hand over his head and slipped under the waterline.

Mahoney was previously a farmer who was engaged by the NWMP in Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 3, 1875. At the time of his death Mahoney had a wife, a son and a daughter.
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just a fyi  this would actually have been in what we call alberta not the nwt.  (at one time years ago tho alberta and parts of sask were considered nwt)