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Body Washes Ashore Believed to be Montreal Woman Missing since 2006

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As per Yahoo News December 7, 2011:

GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. - U.S. authorities believe a decomposed body that has washed ashore in western New York belongs to a Montreal woman who went missing in 2006.

The Erie County sheriff's office says the woman was wearing a wetsuit and identification papers and multiple plastic packages containing newspaper and letters were duct-taped to her body.

The body was discovered Sunday morning on the west Niagara River shoreline on Grand Island, north of Buffalo.

Authorities say the woman may have drowned while trying to illegally enter the United States from Canada by swimming across the river.

Investigators say they are withholding the name of the woman for now.

An autopsy has ruled the death a drowning.

Hmmmm this is kind of strange.  Wondering why Newspaper and other things duct taped to her body?  ID I can see but wonder the signifcance of the other stuff.   Curious if they compared the water in her lungs to the water that she was found in?

Maybe she committed suicide and wanted to be identified after death. I guess we'll here more as the story develops. I'm just happy that one family will have closure finally after 4 years.

I think if your commiting suicide you wouldnt bother putting on a wet suit.   JMO

um yeah I never thought of it that way, but with suicide anything is possible.  :-\

Maybe a drowning? Does this news article match any of the missing women that might have been listed on this group?



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