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Jennifer Anderson, 25 - Missing - Toronto (July 2006)
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July 11, 2007

'She just fell off the face of the Earth'
Whitby mom is in parental purgatory after her daughter went missing in 2006 


"I am looking for my daughter," Lorraine Anderson tells the Dominion manager.

You never know 'til you try.

So out comes the photo. Yet again. Jennifer Anderson, 25. Jenn. Five-foot-4, slim, long brown hair often pulled back, deep brown eyes. Sharp dresser.

Gold necklace spells Jennifer. Christmas gift from her mom.

The manager asks around the store, where I usually shop, at Markham Rd. and Eglinton Ave.

Sorry, nothing, he says.

So Lorraine drives west to Midland Ave. to meet me.

She has a problem every parent dreads.

She has not seen or heard from her eldest daughter since February 2006. A year and a half.

"Jennifer was always in touch, then all of a sudden she just fell off the face of the Earth," Lorraine, 50, tells me.


We are at the Donut Giant, on Greystone Walk, around the corner from Jenn's last known home.

She gave notice for her apartment, but no forwarding address.

She left her dark green 1999 Acura, a gift from her mom, at the curb. It was towed.

Lorraine knows this because two months later she got a bill from the impound lot for $5,000. The car was auctioned off.

Five grand?! Man, life has a way of rubbing salt.

But why does a young woman abandon her car, then break all contact with friends and family?

A private eye dug up nothing. The cops at 41 Division put out a press release in March.

"Police are concerned for her safety," the release said, though foul play is not suspected. Jenn has no record.


The city force took 5,877 missing person reports last year, about average. Usually, 95% show up. Few cases end badly.

This one is in between. A parental purgatory.

Did Jennifer Anderson fall in with the wrong crowd? Even her best friend has not heard from her. Nor has her kid sister. Did she simply drop out? Get away from her life?

It seemed rosy. Lifeguard and team swimmer in high school. Sales jobs at Loblaws and Holt Renfrew. On her own for three years. Centennial College. Business school. Freelance stylist on photo shoots. A future in the fashion biz.

Now, nothing. Except questions to drive a mom crazy. Why doesn't she call? Does she even want to be found?

"I just need her to know that, no matter what, she can come home," says Lorraine.

A clue. Jenn's Air Miles statements still come to her mom's house in Whitby.

We know she has shopped at my neighbourhood Dominion, at an LCBO in Fort Erie, and at a pharmacy across from the Eaton Centre, as recently as June 15.

Lorraine, photo in hand, has prowled Yonge St. and stores and apartment buildings in mid-Scarborough.

She sits outside likely places for hours.

Once, she found a J. Anderson on a lobby directory, but it was J for Jacqueline.

"I've tried everything. I'm not getting anywhere.

"This is all a guessing game."

Painful. And private. Going public is an act of desperation.

"I hate this," Lorraine says, as our Mark O'Neill takes photos.

But Jenn's grandmother is sick in North Bay. Bone cancer. It took Lorraine months to find the courage to tell her that her granddaughter was missing.


Jenn, wherever she is, turns 26 in 10 days. July 21.

Anything planned, Lorraine? "I'll be sitting by the phone."

Maybe there will be an early birthday present.

Feb. 18, 2006, a Saturday, Jenn dropped her sister at the Whitby house. They were back from St. Anne's spa near Cobourg, a Christmas present from their mom.

"Make sure you stay in touch," Lorraine said, as mothers do. Her elder daughter smiled and aimed the Acura at Scarborough.

That was the last time they saw each other. So far.

Says Lorraine: "I just want to tell her: I miss you very, very much. I love you very much. The family misses you very much.

"We just want to know you're safe. Call us."

What more can a mom ask?

Also, Crime Stoppers is at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Or, my e-mail is and phone number is 416-947-2265.
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Re: Jennifer Anderson, 25 - Missing - Toronto (July 2006)
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I was wondering if Jennifer has ever turned up or gotten in touch with anyone. Anyone know?


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Re: Jennifer Anderson, 25 - Missing - Toronto (July 2006)
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There does not seem to be any news at all about this.