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Travis Misponas: Found: Sandy Bay/Churchill River: Sask
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Remains of missing Sandy Bay boy found
Almost two years of searching brings morbid conclusion in Sandy Bay
Reported by Jared Knoll
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Human remains found by some berry pickers on the shore of the Churchill River in mid-August have been confirmed as those of a missing six-year-old boy from Sandy Bay.

D.N.A. testing results showed that the body is that of Travis Misponas, who went missing on Nov. 28, 2009.  They were discovered on Aug. 15 this year.

The berry pickers were led to the remains by discarded clothing and footwear they found near the water.

Immediate ground searches at the time of Misponas' disappearance turned up nothing, nor did the RCMP Historical Case Units even when they used underwater and heliocopter searches on June 10 2010.

"The Churchill river system is a massive body of water," said RCMP corporal Simon Pillay.

"It's next to impossible to search conclusively."

RCMP and searchers believed he slipped into the Churchill River, but they never found evidence of it. He had last been seen playing near the Churchill River with some other small children.

Photo shows area searched by RCMP. Photo provided by RCMP. (at link)


Travis also went missing from Sandy Bay area of the Churchill River, in 2009 and was found by berry pickers. At the time, did other children see that he fell through the ice?
There was a massive search and also an extensive aerial search at the time, to no avail.
 According to the article recently on Travis Misponas, it would appear he went missing and deceased at the hands of another person, imo. Going by the fact that his clothes was strewn in what seems a trail to where his body/remains were. If he had been in the water and then washed ashore, there wouldn't be a pattern of clothing leading to the remains, imo.

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Re: Travis Misponas: Found: Sandy Bay/Churchill River: Sask
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Unless he was hypothermic after getting wet when playing. Would a child his age take off his clothes if he felt he was getting too hot?