Author Topic: Kelly Cook - 15 - Murdered - April 22, 1981 - Standard, AB - PART 1  (Read 421254 times)


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Re: Kelly Cook - 15 - Murdered - April 22, 1981 - Standard, AB - PART 1
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Lost - could you try really hard and dig that up?

Thank you.

D1 - you have contributed so much information on Kelly Cook and specifically T. Arnold.  Hey, I am just on page 3 - at least wait until I get through all of this.....
So far, I firmly believe that the guy at the Calgary funeral home was the perp. Brazen action, risky but a sick mind would have to see her for the last time. He knew that he could not be spotted at her funeral in Standard.
The employee was right in following him. At least someone was not asleep at the switch.

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Re: Kelly Cook - 15 - Murdered - April 22, 1981 - Standard, AB - PART 1
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I am copying reply #43 - which explains the chain of events as to how Kelly ended up with poi.
The bolding is mine.

Posted by First Lady

Hi Chris,

I lived closer to Rockyford.  I attended high school in Standard and was in grade 12 when this happened. I did not know Kelly personally. My younger brother was in Kelly's class.

Some of the details I remember....  it is quite fuzzy, 27 years is a long time.

The first contact was with a waitress (she was a friend of mine). As I recall she gave him the number of one of our other friends; who was not free to babysit, so she  in turn gave him Kelly's #.

I think it was the waitress and/or one or two other people who were in the restaurant at the time who helped create the sketch.  I think some of them may have also underwent hypnosis to try and recall details.  I know there was a sketch, but I cannot for the life of me invision it. 

Standard does not have a newpaper, but Strathmore does.
They may have the sketch in their archives.

I had forgotten about the call from Hussar.  I don't think Hussar had a gas station; but as some one has mentioned there was a payphone on the main street.

Not sure why, but I am convinced it was not anyone local.  There was talk at the time (and it makes sense); that this person just picked up the phone book and picked out a name to use; one that was quite common.  That, IMO does not take much planning.

As someone has mentioned Standard is not "on the way" to anywhere. The major cities in southern Alberta are Calgary, Lethbridge, Drumheller and Medicine Hat. To travel between any of them, you would not need to go thru Standard.

It is however very close to the Trans Canada hwy, which of course would offer easy getaway; it could be that Standard's proximity to the main highway corridor lent to convenience.

I have posted a link to this site on ..... maybe others will visit here and be able to add more than I can.

Calgary Herald newspaper, Another girl was phoned before Kelly, Wednesday, June 17, 1981, front page (A1)

Kelly Cook would probably be at home with her family celebrating her 16th birthday Thursday if another Standard Alta. girl had taken a babysitting job from a man police believe abducted Kelly.
That girl, however, turned down an offer to babysit for the man who telephoned her, and instead referred the caller to Kelly. Four days later, April 22, Kelly accepted a babysitting job and was abducted.
Strathmore RCMP Corporal Craig Green in charge of the investigation said the man who telephoned the other girl, about 4 p.m. April 18, may have made the call from the Standard Hotel Bar.
Green said a stranger who used the telephone inside the bar at the same time the girl was called at home fits the description of Kelly's abductor. The tanned and heavy-chested man is described as having "abrupt mannerisms."
Recalling the chain of events Green says, "he walks directly up to the bar and almost demands to use the telephone. He makes the call, buys a case of beer and gets annoyed about his change and leaves without even saying thank you."
Green said the caller asked the girl if she would babysit for him that evening and the girl refused.
Green said the man then asked the teen-age girl "can you recommend any other girls?" and she says Kelly Cook and another girl. He said "thank you" and hung up.
"It appears we're dealing with a man who has some knowledge of the Standard area," Jerritt said.
As far as Jerrit is concerned, the girl who first turned down the babysitting job is the "key" to solving the case.
Investigators have been trying to determine why the man wanted her as a babysitter... and why... he was trying to gather information about her.
Police have questioned the girl on countless occasions in an attempt to determine if she had ever been in contact with the suspect, but Green said she can't recall ever seeing or talking to the man prior to the phone call.

I was born and raised in Standard and have checked in on this thread multiple times through out the last year so I figured i'd ought to post.

Now the rumour around Standard has always been that the RCMP know who it is, and that this person hailed from around the Taber area but they never had enough evidence to convict him of this. Nobody local from my understanding was ever a POS in this case.


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Re: Kelly Cook - 15 - Murdered - April 22, 1981 - Standard, AB - PART 1
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Part #2 of the Kelly Cook thread can be found at:

Please continue posting there.