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Re: Charles Doyle | 74 | Missing September 26, 2010 | New Brunswick
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2011, 01:38:10 PM »
Concerned there is facebook page created for Mr Doyle

Search on for missing Miramichi senior
Last Updated: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | 4:17 PM AT
CBC News

A search is on for a 74-year-old Miramichi man whose vehicle was found stuck in the mud in northern New Brunswick.

A search has been underway since Sunday afternoon for Charles Doyle, who was last heard from on Saturday night, according to police

RCMP Sgt. Jeff Johnston said police found his vehicle stuck in the mud on Wallace Road near Nowlanville.

Johnston said it's believed Doyle may have wandered off into the woods.

"We've had teams from the York-Sunbury Search and Rescue in the Tri-County Search and Rescue. We've scoured the area on foot in

conjunction with the Miramichi police and District 5 RCMP," Johnston said.

Doyle is described as five feet 11 inches tall and about 150 pounds. He has grey hair and blue eyes.

Doyle was last seen wearing a green T-shirt, blue jeans, a grey jacket and white sun hat with a full brim.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Rogersville RCMP or the Miramichi police.

Family continues hunt for missing man
Published Saturday August 20th, 2011

NOWLANVILLE - Family and friends braved the heat and wet woods and continued looking for the still missing Charles Doyle.

Searchers continue to search through the woods in the Weldfield area on Friday for the missing Charles Doyle. Family and

friends continued the hunt after the RCMP suspended the search.

Skeletal remains were discovered on Tuesday by members of Doyle's family, but a positive identification of the remains has not been made.

The RCMP's Forensic Identification Section and a forensic anthropologist were on scene to help determine the identity and try to find more of the remains.

The Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue was brought in on Thursday to conduct a grid search of the area.

RCMP J Division media relations officer Cpl. Yann Audoux said the search was temporarily suspended and police were exploring

options on what would could be done next.

The family resumed searching through the woods and the bogs behind the Wallace Road and the Moran Road on Friday, but the efforts were unsuccessful.

Despite not finding any remains or articles of clothing the family remains optimistic.

"The people we have here want to finish this because they started a hunt that was unbelievable for the size of the area and now

we narrowed it down to a small region," son Paul said.

"You see the optimism in everyone's eyes that we're going to find him. We're going to keep going until we can't go any farther."

Paul credited the District 5 RCMP and the Ground Search and Rescue for the efforts they put into the search.

"I'm really happy with what they've done and they gave us the OK to go back in, considering the circumstances."

He and the others who have searched for nearly a year for the 73-year-old man feel they will eventually find him.

***The RCMP page regarding the case of missing Charles Doyle has been taken down I believe. It wasn't there when I looked for it today.


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Re: Charles Doyle | 74 | Missing September 26, 2010 | New Brunswick
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Family finds more remains
Published Wednesday August 24th, 2011
Charles Doyle's loved ones are hoping to find some closure, end to man's tragic disappearance.

NOWLANVILLE - It's been the better part of a year, but finally the family of a man who disappeared on a hunting trip last fall is starting to turn the page on this horrible chapter in their lives.

Paul Doyle is the son of Charles Doyle, who has been missing since Sept. 25, 2010 after attending a year-end moose hunting season party at a camp on the Wallace Road. He left the vehicle he was a passenger in after it became stuck. He was never seen alive again.

Family, friends and others along with the police searched the area without finding Doyle alive. After the official search was called off, family and friends continued to search until winter storms began.

The family found a human skull last week and continued to search for more human remains, finding more bones yesterday, Doyle said.

District 5 RCMP were on the scene last week with a forensic anthropologist and the forensic identification team. A ground search and rescue team was brought in for one day to continue the search.

It has been a search that has been hampered by the treacherous terrain, with bogs and sinkholes littering the area. The RCMP had said the terrain made the search dangerous, he said.

Doyle continued to search on his own near the area where the skull was found, hoping to find more remains, and finally put to rest the wondering, the hope and the despair over the identity of the body they had found.

"I felt as if the skull was there, how much farther could the clothes be from there?"

After searching, Doyle and his son found another bone about 15 feet farther into the bog.

The RCMP and the family used the services of Michelle Russell, a psychic from Fredericton, to find the remains.

"She said you'll find him in the ferns and you're not gonna find him unless you move the ferns."

Doyle searched the area far and wide and when he came upon a clump of ferns he swung the axe he was carrying to move the ferns aside. There was a shoe there, hidden by the growth.

He figured his father would have tried to get to higher and drier land, so he and his son continued their search in the higher laying areas.

"My son found a tiny bit of blue jeans. I found a belt."

Right after that a beige hat was found. Doyle called his brothers Bart and Barry and they continued to search the area.

For him and his family, it totally confirmed the remains are his father, he said. In a way, the discovery of the remains has been a happy experience, he said.

"It's hard to be sad when you've searched that long."

Yesterday morning, Doyle and his brothers walked into the bog with members of the RCMP to show them where they had made their discoveries and hopefully put the matter and the remains of his father to rest once and for all.

"We feel as if we can rest. The worst is over."

There's been an incredible sense of community on the Miramichi from people of all ages aiding in the search to their local parish bringing their case to a higher authority.

"The church was praying for my father every week," he said. "It's heartwarming."

He's also pleased with the police assistance the family has received.

"They were really good to us and really good to our family," Doyle said.

As the family waits to find out for sure who the remains belonged to, they feel a sense of closure and a feeling of peace that they can finally close the door on this chapter of their lives.

"Hopefully this is the end."


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Re: Charles Doyle | 74 | Missing September 26, 2010 | New Brunswick
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2011, 08:24:50 AM »
God Bless his family.    I noticed they used a psychic from Fredericton, Michelle Russell.


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Re: Charles Doyle | 74 | Missing September 26, 2010 | New Brunswick
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2011, 01:32:17 PM »
May Mr Doyle now RIP and his family have the closure that so many dont get to see. I am impressed that they used a psychic and had positive results. Now, if we could only get some of the other cases to consult with a psychic...


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Re: Charles Doyle | 74 | Missing September 26, 2010 | New Brunswick
« Reply #5 on: August 29, 2011, 09:05:51 AM »
I am glad that the family will now get the closure they deserve, however I do hope that someday the truth behind what really happened comes to light in this case.   :-X


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Re: Charles Doyle | 74 | Missing September 26, 2010 | New Brunswick
« Reply #6 on: April 06, 2012, 08:48:05 AM »

Skeletal remains identified, Nelson, NB

FREDERICTON - Skeletal remains discovered in August 2011 in the Nelson, N.B. area have been positively identified.

District 5 RCMP has received DNA confirmation that the remains are those of 74-year-old Charles Doyle of Miramichi. He had been reported missing on September 26, 2010. His family had been searching an area off the Weldfeld Collette Road near Nelson on August 16, 2011, when they came across human remains.

Foul play is not suspected.