Author Topic: Amanda (Mandy) Grace McPhee - 16 - Missing - June 11, 2011 - Langley, BC  (Read 5150 times)


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Langley file 11-16657

Langley teen girl’s disappearance out of character

The public is being asked to help find a missing 16-year-old girl who was last seen in her Langley home at 11:30 Saturday night, June 11.

Amanda (Mandy) Grace McPhee has blond hair, blue eyes, and is 5’3” and approximately 160 pounds. She may have been wearing a black Gortex rain coat, black track pants with a thin yellow stripe on the side and black Converse running shoes at the time of her disappearance from her Brookswood area home.

“Mandy’s family is extremely worried about her,” says Cpl. Holly Marks, spokesperson for the Langley RCMP. “This disappearance is very out of character for her – Mandy has never run away from home before.”

Cpl. Marks noted that Mandy is a good student, had been studying for her upcoming exams, and does not suffer from any medical conditions.

“She was supposed to study with a friend on Sunday afternoon, but did not make the meeting and did not call,” said Marks. “As far as we can determine, she has not been in contact with any of her friends.”

“We’re urging everyone to please share this information on Facebook, Twitter and through any other means, so we can get Mandy home safely.” Photos of Amanda are attached.

Anyone with information that can help located the missing girl is asked to contact the Langley RCMP detachment at 604-532-3200.

Holly Marks, Corporal

Media / Training
Langley RCMP Detachment
22180 - 48A Avenue
Langley, BC
V3A 8B7
Office:  604-532-3231

Cell:  778-991-7932


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The parents of missing Amanda “Mandy” Grace McPhee pleaded for the return of their missing daughter Tuesday afternoon, two days after she vanished from their Brookswood home.

The 16-year-old Langley Christian School student vanished sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, apparently walking out of the house without her cellphone, without ID, and with just a little money.

“We’re very confident she’s just out there somewhere,” said Mike McPhee, her father.

He pleaded for anyone who saw a young, blonde woman around 208th Street and 42nd Avenue early Sunday morning, to phone the police.

“It’s a really busy street, somebody saw her,” Mike said.

Neither her parents nor police have been able to come up with an explanation for why Mandy simply seems to have left her home and not returned.

Her mother Wendy saw the straight-A student go to bed at about 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night, said Cpl. Holly Marks, spokesperson for the Langley RCMP. The girl took her pet dog into her bedroom for the night.

A short time after that, McPhee sent a text message to a friend, arranging to meet to study the next day.

When McPhee’s mother woke up the next morning, the dog was out of her daughter’s room. She waited, thinking her daughter was just sleeping in, but when she went to wake her, the room was empty.

There was no sign of foul play in the home. Presumably, McPhee left sometime in the night or early morning. She may have gone out for a quick run or walk.

McPhee does not have a history of running away. She was in the middle of high school exams, she did not argue with her parents before disappearing, and she had planned a trip to Mexico with a friend and two mothers for later this summer.

Her parents say she didn’t have a boyfriend, and none of her friends have seen or heard from her.

Ashley Bach, 16, became friends with McPhee when the two went to Langley Montessori school together. Bach said McPhee is a cheerful, polite, and hard-working student.

“She’s always happy, always nice to people,” Bach said. “Even if she doesn’t like someone, she’ll still be polite. She’s really smart. She has amazing grades – really high – and she worked really hard for them. At school, she’d never get into trouble. She would always have her homework done and she never fought with teachers.”

Bach said that the McPhee she knows would never sneak out of the house without telling anyone: “I could see her, maybe, telling her mom – if they got into a fight – that she would go to someone’s house and sleep over, but I could never see her just leave home without telling anyone.”

Marks said the RCMP have not found any evidence that Mandy was kidnapped from her home by force, nor have searches of her computer files turned up any indication that someone lured her via the Internet.

Her father urged her to get in touch with her family via phone, a computer, or text message.

“Mandy, if you see this, just do that,” he said.

“If you’re someone holding her, do the right thing, just let her go,” he said.

Search parties are scouring the wooded areas of Brookswood, and Langley RCMP are throwing all their resources into the hunt for the missing girl.

Teams of Search and Rescue volunteers are arriving from as far away as Hope and the Sunshine Coast, said search manager Paul Crosby.

Members of the public have been joining search parties that are heading into the ravines, berry patches, and BC Hydro right of ways in Brookswood.

The search is centred in an area about one mile in diameter around McPhee’s home near 42nd Avenue and 208th Street.

While the teams have all the public volunteers they can handle right now, there are other things they can do, Crosby said.

“Check their own properties, particularly in the rural areas,” Crosby said.

“That really does help us.”

Volunteers are coming in from, among other places, Wendy’s workplace.

Scott Baker’s wife works with Wendy at an Aldergrove company. He and others joined the search on Tuesday, and said a number of her co-workers were taking time off work.

Police are using as many officers as they can spare for the search.

“The entire Serious Crime Unit is working on it,” said Marks.

Units like Street Crime and General Duty officers have been pulled into the search, and regional units like the Canine Unit are helping. The Air 2 police helicopter was above Langley Monday night, using its infrared cameras to try and find McPhee by body heat, and that resumed again Tuesday night.

The B.C. Missing Children’s Unit became involved Tuesday, and ChildFind created a missing person poster of Mandy.

Some officers are apparently coming in on their days off to help as well.

The RCMP are still asking the public to help as much as possible by keeping an eye out for the missing girl, and to pass along any information they might have.

“We are just begging, begging for help,” Marks said.

“We do not know what happened to this girl.”

Anyone with information can call the Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200 Police are encouraging the public to use Facebook, Twitter, and email to spread information about McPhee.

(with files from Vancouver Sun reporter Andrea Woo)


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METRO VANCOUVER -- The family of missing teen Amanda McPhee are organizing their own search parties across Langley after police called off the official search for the girl Wednesday.

More than a dozen family members met this morning at the McPhee family home, at 4284 208 St., where teams of three were given maps of specific areas to search.

The areas included ravines and wooded areas around neighbourhoods, such as Murrayville, where Amanda was planning to go Sunday afternoon to meet a friend.

Others were planning to canvas hospitals to see if Amanda had been brought in.

"Everything around has been searched so there's no point searching it 10 times," said Amanda's father, Mike McPhee, referring to the immediate area. "We need people to look in their barns, their RVs. If somebody took her, or if she's hiding somewhere, what better place than an RV? If she's hiding she can't go far."

The 16-year-old Langley Christian School student vanished sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, apparently walking out of the house without her cellphone, without ID, and with just a little money.

Her family issued an emotional plea for help earlier this week to find their daughter, a talented artist and straight-A student who loved the sciences.

Amanda's artwork is featured prominently on the walls of the family home, a two-storey rancher on a leafy lot across from riding stables.

Mike McPhee said it was unusual for his daughter to disappear, and asks anyone in the neighbourhood who would like to help search or put up posters to come by the house or call.

He believes his daughter, an avid hiker and snowboarder, had gone out for a walk when she disappeared. She was wearing her Gortex jacket, trackpants and Converse running shoes.

Mike McPhee pleaded for anyone who saw a young, blonde girl near 208th Street and 42nd Avenue early Sunday morning to phone the police.

If Amanda left by the front door, he said, someone would have seen her because the road is so busy. Also several truckers and RVs had been parked across the street and can only camp there if they have a permit.

"She just vanished," Amanda's aunt Bev McPhee said. "Search and rescue is one; we're on our own now."

Search and rescue crews packed up at midnight Tuesday, and will not continue to search parks and areas surrounding McPhee's Langley home. The teenager was last seen in her bedroom at 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

A search of her social networking accounts did not turn up anything suspicious, said Cpl. Holly Marks, spokesperson for the Langley RCMP. There is no evidence to indicate McPhee was lured out of her home or kidnapped.

However, police have received a number of tips through social media and phone calls.

"We are still interviewing people. I wouldn't say we are stuck in the water. But we don't have any significant information to release at this time," Marks said.

Amanda's mother Wendy saw her daughter go to bed, taking the family's Shepherd Winston into her room, at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Shortly after, McPhee sent a text message to a friend arranging to meet to study the next day.

When McPhee's mother woke up the next morning, the dog was out of the room and her daughter was missing.

Mike McPhee, who was in Shuswap golfing at the time, had called home about 8 a.m. Sunday. He said he doubts Amanda was taken from the home because Winston would have barked.

Amanda always slept with Winston and the family's two cats. She loved animals, he said, and as a child raised $2,500 for a bullet-proof vest for a dog.

He added his daughter wasn't a social butterfly but was a smart, artistic teen with a first-degree blackbelt who was learning to drive his Volkswagon and worried about her weight.

The two loved to go on backpacking trips to Manning Park and snowboarding on the local mountains.

When the pair had walked Winston before he left for his golf trip, he said, Amanda's biggest dilemma was whether she should go straight to university or a community college first.

"She was looking forward to the summer; we were going to do a lot of hiking," he said.

The family is hoping Amanda is hiding out somewhere but know it's a long shot. "Come home," Bev McPhee said. "It's not like her but we're going to find her."


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If you read this article it says she was camping!  So strange... 


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This is very strange.  Her parents were frantic for a week.  She left no note, and just went camping?  It sounds like an  emotional breakdown.  Thankfully she is safe, and the bus passenger cared enough to alert the authorities.


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This isn't adding up. It makes no sense to me that Amanda spent the week camped by herself on Mount Seymour. Unless she was with others I can not see her staying there for a week, no supplies, food or water, no place to sleep, not even a blanket to stay warm at night?  Aside from that, I'm glad she's home safe.

Still unclear where Amanda McPhee spent the last week
Vancouver/CKNW (AM980)
Alison Bailey |

A 16-year old Langley girl who went missing close to a week ago has been found and is back home.

There have been reports Amanda McPhee spent the week camping on Mount Seymour.

RCMP Sergeant Peter Thiessen says McPhee has given police a version of where she was--he won't say what she has told them.

"We don't know if in fact that's even accurate in regards to what she's providing us, and we have to take some steps to try to determine it's validity, so that's not something we can comment on directly as to where she may have been."

McPhee's family will also not comment on where Amanda has been, only thanking the community for their support.

Sgt. Thiessen says someone recognized McPhee on a bus yesterday afternoon and called police.

He says McPhee was by herself and was unharmed.


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It is exam time, and that can be a lot of pressure on a straight A student. I hope that she gets a psychological exam, this sounds like she might be under a bit too much stress.


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I am glad she is now home safe.

There were posters of her everywhere.  The only thing that came to mind was maybe she met an older boy and she was with him.  Very odd scenerio to just leave.  Especially one with a bright future and seemed to get along with family.


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Teen apologizes for causing search
A missing persons case that gripped Langley for a week came to happy conclusion Friday.
By Matthew Claxton, Langley Advance June 20, 2011

Amanda (Mandy) McPhee, 16, vanished from her home in the 4200 block of 208th Street late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, June 11 or 12.

On Friday, she was found when police received a tip that she had been seen at the downtown Langley City bus loop. She was found at 5:15 p.m., just an hour after a press conference to announce that homicide investigators were joining the search.

“It’s unbelievable what she did. It was obviously terrible in many ways, but I’m just so glad she came back I’m not even concerned about that stuff,” her father Mike McPhee said Friday.

Mandy McPhee posted an online apology over the weekend.

“Last Sunday morning I ran away,” said the Grade 11 student at Langley Christian School.

She said she spent the six days away walking and taking transit around Vancouver, hiking up Mt. Seymour and spending her nights in the forest.

On Friday she came back to Langley on a bus and saw her picture plastered everywhere. Volunteers had distributed thousands of missing person’s photos over the previous several days.

“I can’t even express how sorry I am,” McPhee said.

She thanked the many people and agencies who were looking for her, from friends and family to police and Search and Rescue.

“I will never be able to repay everyone,” she said.

She didn’t get into the reasons why she ran away, but alluded to being unable to run away from her problems.

“All I ended up doing was running away from everything that I love and cared about and leaving it behind. It was stupid,” she said.

She said she hoped to give back to the community in the future.

Shona Durrant was one of the many people in the community happy to hear that Mandy had been found safe.

“Just absolute relief,” said Durrant, the mother of a boy at Langley Christian. She knew the McPhees through skiing trips, and volunteered as one of the key organizers of local searches.

On Friday, Durrant and a group of volunteers spent hours pushing their way through thick brush north of the McLeod Athletic Park.

“We were off the beaten track,” she said. The area was almost impassible.

Durrant had already put out a call to volunteers for two weekend searches on Saturday and Sunday, when the news came in about Mandy.

She was relieved to be able to call her fellow search leaders to confirm that everyone had heard the good news.

Mandy’s disappearance had prompted the RCMP to consider her a “high risk missing” case, and call in the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team by Friday. IHIT sometimes works on missing person cases because they have a pool of seasoned investigators. Sgt. Peter Thiessen said about 30 officers were working on the case at the time.


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Mandy may think this is funny and getting some attention, but it is not a nice thing to do and is very selfish. She may have read about Madison's case and just wanted all the attention placed on her. This is not good for anyone to do, upset people and use valuable resources that need to be used for people who really are in danger, because it wasn't their fault. And Mandy may be Christian, but I think she can also spin a big white lie. Who in the hell would go camping out of the blue by themselve, in the mountains. This girl is not credible at all. I hope her family can teach her some ways to control her actions in the future. Great that she is home safe, but a terrible thing to do to the family and community. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(